ARMS STRENGTH + MOBILITY Upper Body Workout | Light Weights | Shoulder Mobility Training | 30 MIN

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This 30 minute upper body workout is an even split between strength and mobility training. In the first half of today’s workout, we will be working to strengthen your shoulder joints for a higher load bearing capacity, while increasing your shoulder’s adduction ability within a pain free range of movement. The second half of this routine will be focused on muscular strength, working into your back, chest, triceps, and shoulders with the use of a light to medium pair of dumbbells.

This shoulder mobility drill is based on the Kinstretch mobility training method, which is an isometric loading technique used to strengthen joint tissue by targeting specific joint function and movement patterns. As a result, this style of training allows for a broader pain-free range of movement, decreased risk of injury, and overall better performance in traditional strength training.

Remember to gradually build up the intensity as we go through our first isolated contraction (referred to as P.A.I.L.S.) and to stay in a pain-free range of movement! When we quickly switch the directional input of the isolated hold with our secondary contraction (referred to as R.A.I.L.S.) it is important to continue working within a pain-free range of movement.
If you feel any kind of pain during the mobility section of this workout, it is important to decrease your intensity, and to find a range that works best for your body. Adaptations for mobility happen gradually, so you don’t want to “force” the movement at a greater capacity than you can tolerate. Have patience, and know that it is in your best interest to work within your ability, not to replicate the exact range of motion I am in while demonstrating!
Xoxo Tiff


1. Mat of soft surface recommended for chest/triceps circuit
2. Light to medium pair of dumbbells
~ For reference, I’ll be using my x2/5lb dumbbells and x2/15lb adjustable dumbbells set to demonstrate with.

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7 Min. Per Side
Timer: 60 second intervals / no specific rest

DRILL #1: Shoulder Adduction (left)
DRILL #2: Shoulder Adduction (right)

4 Min. Per Circuit
Timer: 40 sec. Work / 20 sec. Rest

CIRCUIT #1: Shoulders
CIRCUIT #2: Back
CIRCUIT #3: Chest
CIRCUIT #4: Triceps


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In preparation for your workouts, I would recommend doing this:

After you’ve completed your workout, don’t forget to stretch with this:




• While we CAN use exercises to tighten and tone targeted muscles, we cannot spot treat fat. To lose fat, I recommend being in a MODEST calorie deficit (no more than 500 calories less per day). Don’t overdo it! Undercutting your calorie intake can actually result in a slower metabolism and slower muscular development. Opt for nutrient dense, whole foods and avoid processed or frozen foods.
• Include a source of protein with each of your meals or snacks. This will help you build muscle and keep your energy and hunger cravings stable. I typically aim for 1.5g – 2g protein per kg bodyweight per day.
• Be sure you are staying HYDRATED. Ladies, 2.7L (91oz) of water per day. Men, 3.7L (125oz) per day.
• Start your day with 16oz of water to kickstart your metabolism, and an additional 4-8oz every 15-20 minutes during your workout.

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