As pollen counts are set to soar 95% say Grantham-made natural remedies work for them

In a recent survey of 68 people with hay fever – despite more than half saying they were sceptical about trying a natural essential oils-based therapy – 95% said that Grantham-made, award-winning Breaze  products helped them manage their symptoms during allergy flare ups.

41% of respondents also reported that they were able to reduce their use of conventional antihistamine medicines and 82% reported easier breathing better sleep while using Breaze products.  Suitable for all the family from age two, Breaze is one of only a few options available to very young children with allergies. Most conventional antihistamine medicines are unsuitable for the under 6s leaving parents with limited options for younger children. Many turn to a more natural approach ahead of a drug based solution; 38% of those surveyed said they bought Breaze for children under 12 with 81% of respondents saying their choice was driven by its drug-free natural credentials. The survey results are backed up by Breaze’s impressive ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot rating where it scores an impressive 4.7/5 stars.

With pollen forecasts in the East Midlands set to hit ‘very high’ this weekend as the grass pollen season kicks in, the team at the Breaze factory on Ellesmere Business Park is getting ready for a busy few weeks as it prepares to ship around 10,000 orders all over the UK between now and the end of July.

Breaze founder, Sam Fells explains: “The end of May and early June is when different types of grass come into flower – it’s also when the majority of us with hay fever start to feel lousy.

“Unlike most plants, grasses grow from the base which means they’re able to survive and continue to grow even when damaged by grazing animals, mowers – even fire. With about 160 different species in the UK covering around 40% of the land, there’s a lot of it out there! Grasses produce a lot of pollen to increase the chances of pollination and the pollen is also very light in texture, so it’s easily picked up on the breeze.  And the really bad news? It’s highly allergenic, affecting around 95% of hay fever sufferers”.

Say Sam: “It’s impossible to avoid pollen altogether but we’re here to help as much as possible so here’s a few tips and tricks to keep you more comfortable when allergies peak”.

Staying well-hydrated can lessen the intensity of the histamine response that causes hay fever symptoms. Make it water though – caffeinated tea & coffee and alcohol (sorry about that) can actually dehydrate you.

A spoonful of local honey is thought to help desensitise your body to pollen

Chamomile tea is known to relieve inflammation in your airways and also has an antihistamine effect. Save the cold tea bags to soothe puffy eyes.

Strip off and change when you come in from outside to get away from any pollen that’s landed on your clothes.

Shower and wash your hair at night to get rid of any pollen that’s found its way into your hair during the day. Try this together with Breaze Motion Activated Pillowcase to help with easy breathing and puffy morning eyes.

Tumble dry or dry laundry inside to avoid pollen collecting on clothes and bedding line-dried outside.

Based on the natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties of essential oils, Breaze is the first drug-free option offering support both day and night to people who suffer with seasonal and year-round allergies to airborne particles like pollen, dust and pet dander.

Three products provide a convenient, easy to use regime for wraparound day
and night-time use.

In the daytime

Breaze Vapour Oil, £7.25 10ml, Pop a few drops onto a tissue or hankie and inhale the soothing vapours that ease congestion and a tickly, irritated nose while interrupting the urge to sneeze.

Dual action Breaze Allergy Barrier Balm (£7.25) combines essential oils with a soothing natural beeswax balm to clear and soothe a stuffy, irritated nose while trapping up to 30% of allergens before they enter the airways. Rub a little around your nostrils for clear easy breathing.

For sleepless, stuffy nights

Breaze Motion Sensitive Pillowcase (£7.25) is infused with millions of microcapsules filled with Breaze Vapour Oil. Soothing vapours are slowly released during sleep all thorough the night for up to 14 nights. Made from natural viscose, the disposable pillowcase is compostable and biodegradable.

Breaze products are available at

Prices shown for single products, value bundles offer discounts of up to 30%.

Survey of 68 people who bought and used Breaze products during spring/summer 2021.

Hay fever, key facts

  • Around 20% or 15m adults suffer from hay fever in the UK
  • The number of hay fever sufferers is on the rise, growing by around 1 million between 2016 and 2017 alone (Kantar World Panel)
  • The percentage of children diagnosed with allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and eczema have both trebled over the last 30 years (Gupta R, 2007)
  • Increased incidence of hay fever is thought to be due in part to climate change. As the seasons become more blurred, the flowering cycle of plants becomes more concentrated so increasing the amount of pollen circulating at any one time creating so called ‘pollen bombs’.
  • Pollen bombs play havoc with hay fever sufferers and trigger an allergic response in people who’ve never suffered from seasonal allergies before.
  • Half of all hay fever sufferers also have allergies to other airborne allergens like pet dander and house dust
  • Hay fever can often be more problematic in built up areas than it is in rural areas. Higher levels of particulate pollutants in towns and cities can hold and trap pollen lower down in the atmosphere preventing it from dispersing.
  • Generally, only plants which are wind pollenated cause problems for hay fever sufferers – typically trees, grasses and weeds. Most flowers are pollenated by insects and bees and are much less problematic.

Breaze – Natural ingredients and their credentials

Breaze is a complementary therapy which has been shown in user trials to help people with hay fever. It is not a licenced medicine or medical device.

The Breaze formulation is a natural blend of 10 essential oils known for their therapeutic properties including:

Lavender Oil  – shown to be a natural antihistamine inhibiting production of histamine and suppressing inflammatory responses in the airways.

Clove Leaf Oil– Shown to inhibit allergic responses, reduce inflammation and histamine response

Lemon Oil  – Shown to reduce nasal mucous and throat inflammation and said to be a good alternative to treat seasonal allergic rhinitis

Eucalyptus Oil- A powerful decongestant and natural expectorant which reduces nasal congestion and aids in clear and easy breathing

Chamomile Oil – Shown to reduce inflammation of mucous membranes and to help to calm the respiratory tract.

Click here for more information and scientific references.

Our Story

Breaze was developed by Lincolnshire mum, Sam Fells as a way to help her teenage son cope with his hay fever during his GCSEs.

Explains Sam, “Theo’s allergic to all sorts of things – dogs, horses, eggs, milk – all those are fairly easy to avoid, but pollen is hard to escape. In the run up to his GCSEs, antihistamines were making him really drowsy and with a stuffy nose he was struggling to sleep at night too. I wanted to see if there was a drug free alternative, but couldn’t find anything.

“I knew there were essential oils which have some good data for their antihistamine properties so I began by researching which ones might work,” she explains. “Once I’d got a basic formulation I tried it on Theo as well as few friends and it really helped”.

Fast forward 5 years with user trials and an independent controlled study with the University of Lincoln completed, Breaze is now a firm favourite with people looking for a more natural support with their allergies.

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