Beat Plateau on High-Carb Vegan Diet: Ditch Fruit Juices

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Beat Plateau on High-Carb Vegan Diet: Ditch Fruit Juices
Drinking fruit juices instead of eating whole fruits can contribute to weight gain or hinder weight loss for several reasons. First, juices lack part of the fiber found in whole fruits. Fiber plays a crucial role in promoting satiety; it helps you feel full longer by slowing digestion. Without fiber, the liquid calories from the juice are rapidly absorbed, leading to quicker hunger signals and the likelihood of consuming more calories later.

This can lead to increased snacking and calorie intake throughout the day. In contrast, whole fruits provide volume and require chewing, both of which contribute to the feeling of fullness and help control appetite. By choosing whole fruits over their juiced counterparts, individuals can enjoy the full range of benefits that fruits offer, including fiber, which aids in weight management and promotes overall health.

Additionally, it’s much easier to consume a large number of calories in liquid form than by eating whole fruits. For instance, while one might find it challenging to eat enough oranges to match the calorie content of 2 liters of orange juice, drinking that amount of juice over a meal is relatively easy. This discrepancy means that individuals can unintentionally consume a significantly higher number of calories from juice without feeling as satisfied as they would from eating whole fruits.

Moreover, the process of juicing removes much of the fruit’s natural fiber and can lead to a higher glycemic index compared to whole fruits. This higher glycemic index means that the sugars in juice can lead to quicker spikes in blood sugar levels, which can increase hunger and lead to overeating.

Now you know how to Beat Plateau on a High-Carb Vegan Diet: Ditch Fruit Juices and you are good to keep burning the extra adipose tissue. Lean on carbs means WHOLE foods rich in carbs.

When you have a Whole, WHOLE means not juiced, High-Carb Low-Fat Plant-Based Vegan diet you lose weight by eliminating all the excess calories that come in the standard diets, which are high in animal products and processed plants, all of which are high-t, low-fiber or zero fiber. Therefore, when you don’t eat that rich in calories per meal foods and you fill up your stomach with low-calorie-dense foods, you get to lose weight and lean down. Juices can help only if that is the only food available. Orange juice or any other fruit juice is still better than cakes, cookies, ice cream, pies, cheese, etc. But only as an emergency, do rely on it for all your breakfasts.

The foundation of weight loss on a High-Carb, High-Fiber, Low-Fat Plant-Based (HCLF-PB) diet is not rooted in restricting calories but in optimizing the quality of the foods consumed. This approach focuses on eating whole, plant-based foods that are naturally low in calorie density but high in nutrients, fiber, and water content. Foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes are staples of this diet. These foods have the unique property of providing satiety—feeling full and satisfied—without an excess of calories, thanks to their high fiber and water content.

Why does this approach work so well for weight loss and overall health? The key lies in the concept of calorie density, which is the number of calories in a given weight of food. High-fiber, water-rich foods have a low-calorie density, allowing individuals to consume satisfyingly large volumes of food while still maintaining or losing weight. Fiber, a crucial component of this diet, not only adds bulk to the diet without adding calories but also slows down the digestion process. This slowing effect leads to more prolonged feelings of fullness, reducing the likelihood of overeating. Furthermore, fiber plays a significant role in gut health, potentially aiding in long-term weight management.

In addition to weight loss, the HCLF-PB diet offers various health benefits, including improved heart health, reduced risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension, and better digestive health. The emphasis on whole, minimally processed foods rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients supports overall well-being beyond just weight management.

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