Best Herbs for Back Pain (Top Natural Remedies & Pain Killers)

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Did you know that a large percentage of people will experience acute back pain at least once in their lifetime?

And, unfortunately, some people will experience various levels of chronic back pain.

The Best Herbs for Back Pain

There are many other and spices that can alleviate back pain, but this list is for the best herbs for back pain. These herbs have the most anecdotal and clinical evidence I could find online. I have also used more than half of them myself.

1. CBD oil

Cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil is extraction from cannabis or hemp plants. It has a long list of ailments it can provide relief for, and one of the top one’s is chronic pain. Just be sure to get the best CBD oil you can find, and make sure it is as pure as possible.

2. Cayenne Pepper

The active ingredient in cayenne pepper is capsaicin. This compound is known to deflect the pain sensation from the peripheral region to the central region of the nervous system. You can use it in spice form to add heat to your meals or take it in capsule form or as a topical treatment.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric’s active ingredient is the compound, curcumin, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is often the primary cause for back pain. When taken along with black pepper (active ingredient piperine), it increases the effectiveness of curcumin. Turmeric is a root herb that can be used in its natural form in various dishes or in tea, powder, or pill/capsule form.

4. Ginger

Ginger is a root herb that is also a natural anti-inflammatory that has been used for literally thousands of years to cure/relieve pain. It can be used in dishes or as a topical compress or consumed in tea, powder, or capsule/pill forms. 

5. Gotu Kola

Gotu kola is an herb known to boost brain function and is an anti-inflammatory used to treat arthritis pain. While it is used to treat a variety of conditions, it is an effective treatment for back pain. 

6. Feverfew

Feverfew is best known for relieving fevers, but it also relieves headaches, migraines, and arthritis, and muscle tension, which helps reduce all types of pain, including back pain. 

7. Boswellia

This herb is an extract taken from the gum resin of the boswellia plant. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is frequently used to treat arthritis and back pain. 

8. White Willow Bark

White willow bark goes back to the era of Hippocrates for treating pain caused by inflammation. It is mostly used in tablet or tea form. This is an herb you must use as directed and not overuse because an overdose has the opposite effect, causing increased inflammation and worsening pain levels. 

9. Valerian Root

Muscle spasms are associated with back pain and problems, which is where valerian root excels. This herb is a natural muscle relaxer that also reduces nerve sensitivity. Therefore, if you suffer with back pain that includes muscle spasms, this is one of the best herbs for back pain. Since it can make you drowsy, it is advised that you take it at night and only as directed to avoid overdose. 

10. Eucalyptus

You might relate the eucalyptus herb as a remedy for the flu or for colds. While it does help with these conditions, it is also an effective herb for back pain relief due to its ice, cooling effect. The leaf contains tannins which are known to reduce swelling and inflammation, resulting in pain relief. The common use is as a topical pain relief treatment. 

11. Cat’s Claw

Back pain issues like a herniated disc, sacroiliac joint inflammation, and spinal arthritis respond well to the anti-inflammatory properties of cat’s claw. It can be taken as a tea or capsule/pill.

Always consult with your doctor before taking any of these natural remedies and take them as directed to avoid issues with overdose or adverse side effects/reactions.

Acute Vs Chronic Pain

Acute pain relates to an injury where back pain lasts for a few days to weeks due to a minor injury. Chronic pain is persistent pain due to permanent tissue damage or degenerative disorders.

The biggest difference? Chronic pain is a life-long health condition that can hopefully be managed by natural means for most people. Even some level of relief means a lot to the person suffering with chronic pain.

Conventional Vs Natural Pain Management

The harsh truth is that over-the-counter and prescription drugs are designed for short-term use, which is one of the major issues with addiction to most pain killers.

Pain management today may include natural means from and massage therapy to physical therapy and natural supplements with herbs and spices known to be natural pain killers.

Natural herbs for back pain can be used in various forms, making them ideal for almost anyone to use. They can be used in their natural forms to create a topical compress or poultice, tea or powder, or they can be taken via capsules or pills.

While there is a difference between acute and chronic pain, the best herbs & natural remedies for back pain remain the same.

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