Beyoncé, Yoga, Billie Eilish: Trump-Backed Candidate Thinks Everything Is Satanic

Republicans’ newest statewide nominee isn’t just obsessed with the Big Lie and aligned with QAnon. She also thinks some of pop culture’s biggest stars are actually being used by Satan to destroy America.

Michigan Republicans nominated QAnon-linked Kristina Karamo as their candidate for secretary of state over the weekend. Not long ago, Karamo claimed Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, and even yoga are tools of Lucifer.

The comments were made on her podcast in August and September of 2020 and uncovered by the liberal watchdog Media Matters. They come from the woman whom the GOP has nominated to run Michigan’s election system for the 2024 presidential election.

Karamo, a professional Christian apologist and part-time community college professor, won former President Trump’s endorsement for loudly claiming she’d witnessed election fraud in the 2020 election. The GOP followed suit by endorsing her on Saturday. 

Here’s a rundown of her Satanic verses.

Beyoncé is ‘trying to push paganism,’ Jay-Z is ‘a Satanist’

“I had a student who once said, ‘Well, you know, I believe there’s a bunch of gods.’ And that’s what people are gravitating to because, again, witchcraft gives them a sense, and paganism gives them a sense of power without conformity to something. It’s just ‘follow self.’ 

And we see Beyoncé pushing that more and more. And she’s really targeting, trying to target Black people into embracing paganism. And one of the really interesting things is that her husband, Jay-Z, is, many people have said, is a Satanist. I believe it to be true. I don’t have any hard proof, but just like things like his song ‘New York’… one of the lyrics in his song is ‘Jesus can’t save you, life starts where the church ends.’ He didn’t just say it because it rhymes, he said it because he meant it. This man disrespects Jesus. … And he’s speculated to be a follower of Aleister Crowley.”

“With Beyoncé, she now is trying to push paganism, especially she is targeting Black people with her Black is King album.”

“Beyoncé is working overtime to pull more and more Black Americans into paganism and calling it African spirituality.”

Yoga is a ‘satanic ritual’ to ‘summon a demon’

“If you start studying other cultures—art, what we consider to be art, oftentimes they say ‘Oh, they’re doing this ritual, this dance.’ These are all satanic rituals. This is not just dance to dance. It is to summon a demon. Even yoga: The word yoga really means ‘yoke to Brahman.’ So people are thinking they’re doing exercises. No, you’re doing a satanic ritual and don’t even know it. And that comes from our very materialistic worldview that’s crept into every corner of our life. That someone could be practicing an open, demonic ritual in front of our faces and we’ll be like, ‘Oh wow, this must be just some kind of cultural dance.’ Like, it’s not a cultural dance, it’s a demonic ceremony. What’s wrong with you? But people don’t understand that. It’s because our worldview is so skewed.” 

Cardi B is a ‘tool of Lucifer’

“Cardi B is another tool of Lucifer because she peddles filth in the culture, and she peddles such filth and sexual degeneracy in our culture that many people are laughing at her, and they’re laughing because as we know her and Megan Thee Stallion came out with this video called WAP, or this song. And you already know what it stands for, so I’m not going to say, but it’s very obscene. And so the premise of the video is being a slut is empowerment.”

Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish promote ‘paganism and witchcraft’

“One of the most perpetuators of this rise in paganism and witchcraft are celebrities. They are some of the worst offenders of it all. You know, Ariana Grande, she had a song called ‘God is a Woman.’ … She literally has a song called God is a Woman. And at the MTV video awards, she, her performance involved recreating the Last Supper of Christ as a lesbian orgy. You heard me correctly. I don’t need to repeat that. 

Then she had the Shiva, which is the Hindu goddess of death, above the supposed lesbian orgy that was the Last Supper. Just total blasphemy. Just total blasphemy. And then, after it was interchanged between Shiva, which was the Hindu goddess of death, in a portal that was a vagina, because that’s part of paganism, this female worship. And so that’s the people who are entertaining your kids. 

So you send, we send our kids to these weak churches, these weak churches… and then they’re boring. They don’t learn anything, no spiritual meat. Then they have these entertainers who do this kind of blasphemy of the highest level. Just blasphemy. And these are the people who entertain your kids. And then we still have, ‘Why are young people walking away from the faith?’ Because they’re under a satanic delusion. 

Or Billie Eilish. She has a song called ‘Good Girls Go to Hell.’ That’s the name of a song. This is what kids are listening to.”

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