Bodybuilding Simplified: Full Body (Full Explanation + Free Training Plan)

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Are u really busy? Can u only afford to train 3days per week? Then this fullbody split, is just the right choice for you! I will tell you how the fullbody split is built, what pros and cons it has, and as per usual, there is going to be a full example fullbody routine that you can use!

00:00 – 00:51 Intro
00:51 – 01:26 Pros & Cons
01:26 – 03:08 Programming
03:08 – 04:58 FULL BODY DAY 1
04:58 – 06:15 FULL BODY DAY 2
06:15 – 08:02 FULL BODY DAY 3
08:02 – 08:27 Outro

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