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Question by Patient.
Hi Dr Nisha, Could you please tell me Foods one should eat and avoid to prevent Breast Cancer?

Reply by Dr Nisha,
This is one of the most important questions on can ask about Breast Cancer. The food that we eat and the amount of activity we do in a system are the most important thing a that indicate not only general wellbeing but also general diseases like cardiovascular disease and risk to having any type of cancers, not only Breast Cancer. There is no one miracle food that can prevent or give complete protection against Cancer. A balanced diet with the right amount of carbohydrate, proteins micronutrients vitamins, minerals & fats that makes sure you have lesser risk for cancer. Some of the rules of the thumb to be followed to prevent cancers are . Choose or stick to unprocessed or whole foods rather than processed foods. Rice, wheat, barley, ragi scores big time over processed foods like maida. Next is pease don’t follow a fad diet.

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