Can’t Eat Enough To Gain Muscle? Do THIS

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As long as you’re hitting your protein minimum for the day, how you distribute the rest of your macros just comes down to personal preference.⁣

So if your primary goal is to put on size but you’re having a hard time hitting your overall calorie needs, the simplest route is to just bump up your fat consumption.⁣

Fats contain 9 calories per gram (more than double that of protein and carbs which are 4 calories per gram) making it a very easy way to get in those extra calories in a much smaller volume of food.⁣

Oils, nuts, nut butters, seeds, dark chocolate, avocado, coconut milk and fatty fish are just a few examples.⁣

Do keep in mind though that you don’t need a huge calorie surplus to maximize muscle growth in the first place.⁣

A couple hundred above maintenance is usually enough, so don’t take this advice too far or it could end up working against you.⁣

This is just a little tip to consider if you want a simple way to add in some easy calories while still keeping the total amount in the proper range.⁣

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