Costco’s Food Court Is Launching Strawberry Ice Cream

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Changes to Costco’s beloved food court are pretty rare, but there’s some good news for shoppers craving more sweet options at these in-store eateries. A brand-new food court dessert will reportedly hit menus in the near future–and members are already vying to try the sweet treat.

According to an apparent internal Costco memo leaked on Reddit this week, the retailer is adding a new strawberry ice cream to its food court lineup. Food courts in the United States currently only offer cups of vanilla ice cream and vanilla ice cream sundaes with the customer’s choice of strawberry or chocolate sauce. So the addition of a strawberry-flavored frozen treat will give members a whole new ice cream flavor option to sample.

Costco did not immediately respond to our queries for confirmation and more details on the launch of this new food court sweet treat. However, the Redditor who posted the internal document stated that the “majority” of Costco warehouses in the United States will offer the item.

“Some will get it sooner, others will have it later,” the Redditor wrote.

Another Redditor who said they worked at Costco chimed in that the strawberry ice cream will be available four weeks from now. The prospect of a new food court dessert is already leaving some Costco members buzzing.

“I love strawberry…I hope this is at my Costco,” one shopper commented.

“I’ll take some. Hoping we get that up north!” another wrote.

The true test for this new strawberry ice cream will come when shoppers finally have the chance to sample it. They’re happy to sing the praises of food court items they enjoy, but they’re also not afraid to speak out when they think a food court option isn’t up to par.

When Costco added mango smoothies to food court menus in June, for example, the reviews from shoppers were scathing. Customers compared it to “baby food” and “overripe mushed-up mangos.”

Customers also slammed Costco over a new food court roast beef sandwich spotted earlier this year–but for a very different reason. They criticized Costco for charging $9.99 for the sandwich, especially since other food court items like the $1.50 hotdog combos and pizzas are super affordable.

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