Cover-up of tuberculosis outbreak at Cape Cod migrant encampment EXPOSED by local media –

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On Dec. 2, 2023, CEO Heidi Nelson of the Duffy Health Center sent an emergency alert email to Democrat Reps. Kip Diggs and Christopher Flanagan, Democrat Sen. Julian Cyr and Republican Rep. Steven Xiarhos about the tuberculosis cases discovered in a South Yarmouth motel. The administration of Gov. Maura Healey is housing 100 migrant families in the said motel. A few weeks later, Xiarhos called “The Ed Lambert Show” during its live broadcast on Cape Cod-based 95 WXTK radio to confirm the existence of the email and its content related to tuberculosis cases at the migrant shelter. As a response, Lambert criticized the lawmakers and the health center for refusing to disclose the content and the current status of the tuberculosis outbreak. “I’m blown away that other people who got a direct copy of this email haven’t sent it out and haven’t said to Heidi or anybody else at Duffy Health – ‘get it to the people.’ Duffy Health made a decision not to send this to the public. Why, I have no clue,” said Lambert. Statehouse attorneys prevented Lambert from reading the email on air due to its “private” content. Xiarhos defended the decision and directed Lambert to file a request under the Freedom of Information Act. However, Lambert argued that as the email was sent to statehouse emails, it falls under the public domain. Furthermore, Lonnie Brennan, editor of the Boston Broadside, the lone newspaper in the state covering the tuberculosis controversy, emphasized the need for transparency. “They are playing hide and seek with letters about tuberculosis and who knows what else they may be hiding. There should be zero tolerance for hiding things from taxpayers,” he said.
In 2022, a study conducted by the  National Institute of Health  revealed that tuberculosis was becoming an increasingly prevalent cause of death and illness among refugees and migrants.
“These groups are among the most vulnerable populations at increased risk of developing TB. However, there is no systematic review that attempts to summarize TB among refugees and migrant populations,” the study said. Some blame the right-to-shelter law in Massachusetts for the high numbers of migrants. while others claim it is the lack of accountability and transparency from the government. For instance, the 2023 Border Report found that out of the 74 migrants diagnosed with tuberculosis at the U.S.-Mexico border in 2022, 25 remain unaccounted for. The organization also found evidence that migrants admitted to the U.S. with diseases, including tuberculosis, often fail to attend mandatory medical follow-ups. In December 2023, the  Boston Broadside published an article by Brennan about the list of towns where migrants are being housed in Massachusetts after the Healey administration initially refused to disclose the information to recently elected state Senate Rep. Peter Durant (R-Worcester). Brennan noted that migrants housed in private institutions are not counted on the list.
“We have received many updates from citizens noting illegals in excess numbers than those listed and in locations not listed, so this list appears to be a minimum amount. Illegals housed in private situations (colleges, church property, etc.) are somehow not being counted,” Brennan wrote. Visit for more stories like this. Watch this video as Robert Kennedy Jr. talks about people not wearing a mask against tuberculosis, which kills 1.5 million people a year. This video is from The Big Logic channel on .
NYC sees a surge in TUBERCULOSIS cases amid influx of migrants. NYC struggles with spike in tuberculosis cases as illegal immigrants spread previously contained disease. BIOWEAPONIZED CHILDREN: Tuberculosis-infected illegal alien children deliberately released across 44 states by the Biden regime. Health experts warn untreatable tuberculosis threatens world. Turmeric vs. tuberculosis: This superfood can supercharge your immune system for robust protection. Sources include:

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