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Jonathan Otto brings you the LATEST, cutting-edge detox and healing methods from our favorite world-renowned doctors and health experts. This 12-episode docuseries, complemented by 12 available bonus episodes and more, delves into the realm of gut health and immune system vitality. These experts will guide you on natural protocols to reverse diseases like autoimmune issues, cancer, chronic diseases, Long-COVID, and even dementia. It’s a holistic approach to reclaiming your well-being. Statistics show approximately one in three adults today suffers from multiple chronic illnesses. And the number of autoimmune and chronic disease diagnoses continues to rise exponentially. Every. Single. Day… We are surrounded by MILLIONS of invisible toxins that are poisoning our bodies and making us sick. Whether we’re consuming them, being injected with them, or breathing them in… It’s IMPOSSIBLE to totally avoid them. Does this mean we should live in fear? No. Our bodies are perfectly equipped to protect us… But only if we let them. There are numerous non-invasive, intelligent, and scientifically-proven methods to help restore balance, health, and vitality to your body. And you won’t learn about them in your doctor’s office. You won’t find this on G00gle. But you can get access to this life-changing information here. If you’re ready to find out more about the latest research on the ROOT CAUSES of chronic diseases and the deadly toxins you’re being exposed to…And you want to know how to get rid of these things that are weighing your body down… sign up for Disease in Reverse now – it’s totally FREE. Here’s what you can expect to learn: Big Pharma has been hiding natural healing protocols for decades, manufacturing bioweapons like Lyme disease and COVID. Uncover the dark secrets behind “vaccines” and their impact on global health. Explore cellular detox, mitochondria repair, and holistic methods over allopathic medicines. Hear inspiring testimonials from people like Daniel Chang, who shares insights on parasite detoxing and its profound impact on health. Learn how to maintain a positive mindset for true healing. Hear testimonials, uncover 5G’s unexpected role in triggering dormant viruses, and understand the mRNA vaccine’s effects on our DNA. Join us and over 40 medical doctors and health experts in the docuseries Disease In Reverse and unveil the truth of hidden government involvement with COVlD and learn to heal in ways that are heavily censored by Big Media and Big Pharma. Episodes will be streaming each day for 24 hours, from 12pm EST to 12 pm EST the following day. Episode 1. Exposing Modern Bioweapons & Reversing Their Deadly Effects Nov 18 at 12 pm to Nov 19 at 12pm Breaking News: Dr. Henry Ealy reveals early research results about a biotoxin delivery system that’s even more deadly than mRNA, called plasmids. Dr. Peter McCullough reveals why the C-19 “vaccine” is causing long, rubbery blood clots “from the ankle to the hip” – something NEVER seen before. Top medical doctors are warning about an explosion in “turbo cancers” – where people who never had cancer, or who were in remission, suddenly develop aggressive, almost unstoppable cancers shortly after the jab. How Big Pharma deliberately engineered the spike glycoprotein to reprogram our immune cells, our T-Cells, and our white blood cells – tricking our bodies into thinking it’s not a threat and allowing it to wreak havoc. Nov 19 at 12pm to Nov 20 at 12 pm: Episodes 2-3 Episode 2. Proven Protocols to Heal Disease from the Deadly Spike Glycoprotein Episode 3. The True Causes of ALL Chronic Disease – And How to Reverse Them Nov 20 at 12pm to Nov 21 at 12 pm: Episode 4 Episode 4. Natural Medicines to Reverse Autoimmunity, Chronic Diseases & Cancer Nov 21 at 12pm to Nov 21 at 12 pm: Episodes 5-6 Episodes 5. Expert-Recommended Protocols to Heal COVID & Vaxx Injuries Episodes 6. Reverse Inflammatory Heart Disease and Vaxx-Induced Myocarditis Nov 22 at 12 pm to Nov 23 at 12 pm: Episode 7 Episode 7. Healing Solutions to the Bioengineered Weapons Disguised as Diseases Nov 23 at 12 pm to Nov 24 at 12 pm: Episodes 8-9 Episode 8. Heal Your Mitochondria with Urotherapy & Cutting-Edge Regenerative Medicine Episode 9. What Top Doctors Recommend for a Total Body Detox Nov 24 at 12 pm to Nov 25 at 12 pm: Episode 10 Episode 10. How to Bulletproof Your Natural Immune System & Beat Disease In Its Tracks Nov 25 at 12 pm to Nov 26 at 12 pm: Episode 11 Episode 11. Uncovering Covert Attacks on Humanity and the Mass Envenomation Agenda Nov 26 at 12 pm to Nov 27 at 12 pm: Episode 12 Episode 12. Unveiling the Secrets to Living a Long Healthy Life Nov 27 at 12 pm to Nov 28 at 12 pm: Replay of Entire Series

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