It doesn’t matter whether you have a workout planned for the day or not, you are going to want to do what I’m showing you in this video every single morning. This 2 minute and 30 second routine is something that is going to help you improve your posture, abs and even your grip strength. Not to mention, if you stay consistent with this, you will have a way to determine whether or not your workouts are causing your CNS to burnout a bit and that you might need added recovery.

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The first thing you need to do in the first 30 seconds of rolling out of bed is drink 20-24 ounces of water. We are chronically dehydrated and we often times forget how important it is to start our day off by rehydrating after being asleep for the last 6 to 8 hours. We often just get up and get on our way without making a concerted effort to replenish the water that we have lost and not taken in while asleep.

This can have a dramatic impact on the energy levels we have throughout the rest of the day, our ability to focus and the amount of strength we can output when we hit the gym for our workout. I do this by keeping two bottles of lukewarm bottled water by my bathroom sink that I ingest quickly after waking up. This portion of the morning routine should take no more than 30 seconds.

Next, I walk towards my closet, but not to start picking out my outfit. Instead, I make a pitstop at the pullup bar that I have hanging over the doorway. Here I take 2 minutes to hang from the bar (each one with a different intention) to complete my morning routine. The first is a one minute decompression hang. The goal here is to try and decompress my spine and do a dead arm hang from the bar.

It helps to keep your feet lightly in contact with the ground so you can drop your pelvis and feel as if the weight of it is stretching out your hips and lower back. Beyond that however, you want to try and address the lack of thoracic extension that we get by being in a slumped posture throughout much of the day and even at night when our heads are propped up on a pillow. Here, you want to reach your head through to improve the extension of your spine and help to correct this with consistent daily efforts.

Of course, the accumulated hang time between this and the second minute we are about to embark on will help to increase the strength of your grip and forearms. Regarding the second minute, now you want to try and engage your abs by lifting your feet off the ground and hollowing out your lower abs. Do not just hang here, instead engage the shoulder blades as well to get better shoulder stability. The goal of this movement is to be able to hold it for one minute as well.

And there you have it. That is a simple routine that you can do every single morning regardless of whether you have a workout planned for that day or not. The amount of work being done here is not enough to cause you to fatigue or negatively impact your workout later on but is going to have an impact when it is done consistently every morning.

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