Doctor Tim Spector: The Shocking New Truth About Weight Loss, Calories & Diets | E209

What if everything that you knew about health was wrong, if calories didn’t count and food labels lied? That is exactly what Tim Spector OBE says in his multiple books, innumerable articles and TV appearances.

0:00 Intro
02:17 Professional bio
05:13 Why are you doing this
10:18 The gut microbiome
17:35 The counting calorie myth
25:17 Definition of quality food
33:19 Intermittent fasting
40:13 The myth around vitamins
44:18 The Keto diet
52:00 Coffee
57:42 Ad read
59:12 Gluten intolerance
01:02:22 Exercise
01:07:21 Sugary vs zero sugar drinks
01:11:02 The link between the microbiome & our mood
01:15:14 Focus & ADHD
01:19:48 Your company Zoe
01:29:58 The last guest question

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