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By Donna Crane

Second of two parts

Written By: GreenMedInfo Research Group

The Science of Natural Healing

Please take note that the science of natural healing, in part one, revealed the benefits of elderberry for viral infection protection, immune activation, and potent antioxidant functions. Pat two begins with how elderberry effectively treats upper respiratory symptoms related to colds and flu.

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“Many researchers believe that there is a strong potential for misuse of antibiotics during cold and flu season, especially in Western countries. Elderberry is an alternative natural compound proven to effectively reduce cold and flu symptoms such as upper respiratory symptoms and may be a safer alternative to prescription medications often used to treat these symptoms.[xvi]

“Other benefits of elderberry extract include its high vitamins A, C, and E content, high levels of potassium, and its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. For these reasons and its potent antiviral capacity, elderberry extract can be a useful natural compound to supplement with during cold and flu season.

“Safety Profile of Elderberry Products and Supplements

“Although most elderberry products are safe to consume, researchers have found that consuming raw elderberries or the leaves or bark of the Sambucus plant can cause adverse gastrointestinal effects such as nausea, vomiting, abominable cramps and diarrhea.[xvii] For these reasons, it’s best to avoid ingesting any raw elderberries.

“Due to a lack of sufficient trials, most health care personnel do not recommend the use of elderberry during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.[xviii] Additionally, although a few studies have evaluated the efficacy of elderberry extract and it has been used effectively to treat influenza in children, there isn’t much research on elderberry’s safety profile for children.[xix],[xx]

“Although there are many elderberry products marketed to children, it’s best to speak with a holistic health care provider before use. Otherwise, elderberry syrups, lozenges and teas have a very high safety profile and are considered safe for home use.

“Using Elderberry at Home

“Due to the potent antiviral and antimicrobial capabilities of elderberry extract, many people add elderberry syrups or teas to their daily routine, especially during the Winter months or peak flu season.

“Organic, child-safe elderberry syrups and lozenges can be found in most health food stores, and elderberry tea can be made at home by boiling dried elderberries with water and ginger and stirring in a small amount of sweetener like honey or stevia.

“For additional research on the antiviral benefits of elderberry supplementation, please visit the GreenMedInfo.com elderberry research database.

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