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VAL: Hello friends and welcome to the Holistic Health Online Podcast. I’m your host, Val Robitaille, and I have with me Tivon Rivers from Fix the World Morocco. Tivon is an engineer and he manufactures this amazing EMF protection product. Tonight, we’re going to discuss the effects of electromagnetic frequency on the body and what orgone energy and orgonite have to do with that, especially in light of what’s going on today with the 5G towers going up and what we know of the so called virus – we’ll probably have to throw a little bit of that in the discussion. So welcome Tivon. It’s so good to have you again.

TIVON: Yeah, thank you for having me back, Val. Thank you.

VAL: So can we begin by you just telling us a little bit of a background about Orgone energy and orgonite?

TIVON: So Orgone Energy was a phenomenon that was termed by the late doctor Wilhelm Reich to describe what he observed with energy around living beings. He initially, coming from a psychological background, was trying to observe the energetic properties of the interactions of human beings and organisms as they go on through their life. Over the time of his experiments, it quickly started to migrate from a philosophical yet a scientific observation of this of this energy field, to trying to create instruments that were able to quantify this field, to capture it and to observe it.

So he started to make these chambers that he called accumulators made from a series of metal and non-metal components for the walls. And he took these layers and he made walls out of them because he found that by doing that, he was able to harness this energy. He calls it orgone energy. Today, it’s called other names like torsion field energy, scalar energy, but it’s also tied in with the body’s bio energetic field because the body is also an electrobio / electrochemical body. So all of these energies tie into what he called orgone energy. That’s how he was able to come about this term. He was observing these organisms. He was observing blood cells, bacteria, plants. And he found that when he put these samples inside these accumulators, they would absorb this energy. Now, from the experiments done today, replicating Reich’s work decades later, it’s found that what’s actually happening, what you call is also called zero point energy too….I’m referring to the University of Pennsylvania study where they create an accumulator box. They put it next to a control box, which was a wooden box, and they were measuring the growth and the health of seedlings and they were planting these seedlings in both the control box and these accumulator boxes.

TIVON: And they confirmed that the seedlings were healthier, stronger, they sprouted quicker, longer sprout sprouting tails compared to the control box. And what they observed, what their conclusion in the experiment was and this is amazing, this is out of a university paper: Cosmic energy is being absorbed by the water and the water is being taken up into the cellular structure of the plants, making the plants healthier than the plants in the control group. So it’s about the water. We keep going back to water and water being structured, water absorbing energy and in certain conditions when living organisms take on that water, because the water and our cells also are structured it invigorates the body.

TIVON: So that’s what orgone energy is. So you can make accumulators, you can make materials out of the right components, or you can make things out of the right set of materials to exhibit this property. That’s the conclusion. Instead of layers or sheets of metal, non-metal, because now we’re just talking about surface area. If you have the same materials in, either you layer them or you put them in powder form within a composite and epoxy resin, it would exhibit similar properties. Today, they’re also called harmonizers. But that’s what we’re talking about when we’re referring to orgone energy and things around EMF protection and what we do.

VAL: The effects of the orgonite, yes, because I know it has something to do with energy and it has some good effects on the human body also.

TIVON: So like what I mentioned before is over the decades since Reich, people started to take those materials and say, well, if it’s a matter of layering them, then you can get more surface area and performance. If you have very small layers, if you break everything down to very small powders mixed within an epoxy, that’s your non metal. So you have your metal, which is the metal materials by their property, let’s say steel powders, metal powders and you have your epoxy resin which is the non metal, so that if there is energy that is going through this material, let’s say from the outside, you imagine a ray coming from the environment, from the sun, for example, going through this material, it has to hit a metal particle and the composite and the non-metal, which is the epoxy. So you’ve built many, many layers. Actually, what you’ve created is something that has a lot better performance than even what Reich built in his day. If you made a box out of the materials, these composites, this orgonite, that’s what it’s called today, derived from work on energy, it would have even a stronger effect than the boxes that Reich built in the nineteen twenties and thirties.

VAL: How does this protect us against electromagnetic fields or EMF? And especially let’s get into the 5G that’s coming online. I was just watching some of Ricardo Delgado’s videos and He says they’re turning it up slowly and picking certain places to turn it up. And so I think that it would be very helpful for my listeners to know something about what 5G is and how is it dangerous and how we can protect ourselves.

TIVON: We’re living in a day and age where the information about the harmful effects of EMF is pretty much everywhere now, even if it’s not acknowledged by big business or the establishment. The fact is there are there’s so much petitions from scientists, so many peer reviewed papers and research documents, you just need to scratch the surface going online. You don’t even have to look very far to come across some material, some report, some paper, some experiment that discusses the harmful effects of EMF, whether it’s a military Air Force document in the 1960s and seventies, there’s plenty of those in the military documents. Experiments, Studies done on rats being exposed to microwave radiation or germination with seeds exposed to radiation, or just flat out going on YouTube and looking at people putting trying to grow things next to cell phones that they plant next to it. There’s all kinds of things now.

TIVON: So it’s pretty much a given that it’s harmful and the interests that don’t want you to look will just say, no, it’s not real. There’s no reports done. They’re simply trying to protect their infrastructure, their legacy infrastructure that they’d have to switch up and change and alter if they had any kind of regulation telling them, we cannot have this in the public sphere unless you can prove to us that it is safe. See, they’re not challenged currently in that regard. But we know it’s harmful. And so the way orgone energy works  are these materials, these harmonizers, this orgonite, the way it works is when you’re your body is able to take on the information and the effects of this radiation.

TIVON: Even if the radiation doesn’t impact the body at the thermal level, it doesn’t heat your cells. But the fact that you get this flip at billions of cycles a second, it’s a microwave, it flips the signal, the voltage polarity flips your cells or impacts your cells a billion times a second. And this is new, relatively new. And every time there’s a leap and I know there is a book written about this, the title escapes me. I know Dr. Cowan mentioned this talking about how every time there is an innovation and radio communications going back to the telephone that there was a burst in an outbreak. There were flu like  outbreaks. There were pandemics that happened right after innovation that involved radio communication because these fields travel at the speed of light, bouncing through the atmosphere within the ionosphere and in our planet. And so that the bodies, everyone is impacted across across the world, because we’re talking about radio waves. And when you look at the Earth, you need to see it like a resonant cavity that is able to hold these radio waves at certain frequencies. They bounce around within the planet. So our bodies are being tuned. Our bodies that are part of this planet are impacted when the planet, its fields, change and is altered.

TIVON: So they negatively impact us. They can introduce mutation into our DNA. They create all kinds of symptoms dealing dealing with psychological or things that impact your immune system. All kinds of sleep disorders, all kinds of things can happen. But this is all invisible. So you need to have tools to show that you can read, to say, I am in a toxic environment. I can’t see it, but I have to recognize that if I continue to stay in this environment, I have to do something to change. Right. So what these things do, these organized materials do is, when these fields come across your body,,these harmful fields,  depending on what frequencies they are, they either go through your body or they travel across your skin. And when they travel across your skin, that also means they can go into your follicles. Researchers in Israel confirmed that the new 5G frequencies that are being introduced have the ability to not only travel into your skin, but they go into your hair follicles because at that frequency, your hair follicles and the hairs act like antenna, act like receptors. So they bring in that RF into the hair follicle. And then of course the systems that are connected in the nerve, the blood, all those cell structures in those follicles take on that information or take on that toxic flip of polarity. And so all of these things, your body at an energetic level feels this and that’s what causes the illness.

TIVON: So when you have these materials around you (orgonite) they’re able to partially absorb it. But what they also do is transform. More importantly, they transform the harmful effects of these fields, and they absorb some of that radiation that otherwise your body will absorb through the skin. When we make our materials, we use powders because we want to have a high surface area to absorb that energy. So you’re almost creating like a shunt.

TIVON: These frequencies, they travel to a certain extent across your skin. But when you’re wearing like the pendant or watch – what it’s doing, it has a high surface area. So it absorbs some of that energy and it transforms it and your body feels a sense of relief. That’s why when people wear these things, if it’s made in a similar way, at least with the technology that that we make it, from what we’ve seen in research, people feel calm when they wear it because there’s a buffer that is being created from the fields that’s impacting you. It’s actually taking some of that energy and transforming it. And your body recognizes it. And that energy that comes off of it, that’s been transformed, is beneficial. The same thing with plants. When you put one of our garden pucks near a plant,  the plants grow healthier and stronger because it’s taking what’s in the environment and it’s transforming it into something that’s more beneficial.

VAL: And I have a phone shield that I keep on my phone and I feel a lot better about carrying that thing around because I know that there’s a lot of radiation coming off of the cell technology. And of course, I keep it in front of my computer’s router, I stick a shield on the router.
Can you talk a little bit about the pyramids and the energy effect of those? They’re really amazing.

TIVON: Yeah, I can do that. Going back to what I mentioned before about transforming the energy from one form to another that’s more beneficial. There is an interesting slide show presentation that was done by Organise Africa a couple of years ago at the “Global BEM.” It’s still on YouTube and it’s a pretty popular one. He has a slide show and I think it’s towards the middle of that presentation where he did an experiment where he had seedlings. Basically, he was feeding seedlings with water; one was being radiated by cell phone and the other one had a cell phone with an orgonite puck over it. And the water was sitting on the puck and that sample that had the orgonite puck sitting on the cell phone, those  seedlings grew into healthier sprouts than the one that was just fed water that was being radiated by the cell phone alone.

TIVON: So it was interesting because basically what that experiment was implying is that you can take that energy and that material and it actually transforms, like a filter, into something beneficial. I think that has huge implications. If the telecom industry actually wanted to create something that was a little bit better for the environment to create these shields and put over the arrays if they wanted to do that. I mean, that’s their experiment. So I just wanted to mention that this is dealing with transforming energy. You’re not creating it, you’re not destroying it. You’re transforming it into something beneficial.

TIVON: So the science behind the pyramid and why we have the pyramid is because of the shape of the pyramid. The shape basically couples to the environment through the apex. Pyramids are able to absorb energy from the environment, especially electromagnetic waves.

VAL: Apex meaning the tip?

TIVON: Yes the tip

TIVON: The effects are actually happening at the tip and below the pyramid. And inside the pyramid. There’s something in our reality, the geometric shape of this pyramid being a point in space can take radiation in the environment in general, and create an ion column at the tip. You don’t see this ion column. If you had a larger pyramid, you can actually map out the change in the ion fluctuations around the pyramid. And there are two studies that point to that being the case. But this also explains why all kinds of people are making what they call orgonite, including orgonite pyramids with their own concoction of metals, and they make an artistic flair to it. We don’t really go into that part, but anyone who replicates this, you can make this on your own with epoxy resin and powders and molds. If you make one and you have a couple of these pyramids around and you know you’re being heavily chemtrailed, you can replicate the experiment. You put these things outside and watch these aerosols break up the stuff that’s above you. At least you’ll get patches of blue where you had like a solid film before. But the way all of that works – I’m going to refer to two studies, one was the Golad pyramids in Moscow. That was done in the late nineties, early 2000s where a doctor, a scientist received a decent amount of funding from the University of Moscow, including using military equipment to build pyramids around the outskirts in the in the urban sub in the suburban areas of Moscow to observe the effects, the energetic effects of having these pyramids built.

TIVON: These pyramids were built like basically a non metal frame and were clad with fiberglass. So it was like a hollow pyramid with a fiberglass cladding, but it was like ten stories tall. So you can walk into it. And they did. They continued to build these for a couple of years. So they had like a few dozen of them built. I think they also had some built in the oil fields in Russia, and these were the following things….

TIVON: They found extinct plants that were in the area around the pyramid started sprouting back to life. So I mean botanists that knew the plant life in the area said we have not seen this plant, it’s considered extinct. So that was happening in the wintertime in a Russian winter below freezing. They had samples of water sitting in the middle of the pyramid that would not freeze. And this is like way below freezing. The water was still in a liquid form. So you have this glass of water that’s not frozen. He picks it up – and there’s a video of this – and he flicks the glass. It turns into ice right away. So he disturbed the whatever was happening that was keeping it in that liquid state.

TIVON: That’s amazing. Yeah. There are people who are trying to capture convection currents when they put orgonite plates above or below water as it freezes or as they like, they put dye in because something’s happening where it’s very subtle, but we don’t have the equipment to actually capture it full slow frame by frame. But orgonite at the field is a torsion field. It’s complex field. You can’t read it with a meter. You can only do experiments with it because it’s three dimensional, but it introduces convection into the water and makes the water at the molecular level twist into vortices. So this is happening within the pyramid. And they found this is the part where they needed military equipment. They had a military helicopter with sensitive ion equipment, map the area around the pyramid and over the pyramid. And they found this pyramid emitted a negatively charged ion column into the upper atmosphere from the ground. So it coupled to the Earth’s ionosphere just by its shape. And all of this is being observed because you have a geometric structure, this pyramid built to the golden ratio, built to a certain size, and it’s only out of fiberglass.

TIVON: That’s not using exotic hand-made materials. So imagine if the pyramid was made out of orgonite walls. It would be amazing. Oh, and this is the one that earned them a world patent that is everyone needs to listen to. They found that there was an energy field below these pyramids and they observe this in the oil fields. They went to the oil fields in Russia. The oil was a certain viscosity in the ground and it was difficult to drill out. So when they built these pyramids and they came back in some window of time, I can’t remember if the report gave the exact window of time they found the viscosity had changed. They found that it was easier to pump the oil out of the ground just by having these pyramids built. The pyramids actually changed the viscosity of the oil in the ground. So the patent was basically a method for oil extraction, cost effective oil extraction. So if we start seeing pyramids ten, 20 years from now, being erected everywhere over oil fields, you’ll know why.

VAL: I wonder if that’s what the Pyramids of Giza were all about.

TIVON: Well, speaking of the Pyramids of Giza, and someone in YouTube actually covered this. There’s a whole thing about energetic effects being recently discovered in the past year or two with the Pyramids of Giza, where scientists mapped out and found pockets of radio emission or radio resonant nodes. Like when you have a resonant cavity and you have electromagnetic fields bouncing within this cavity, you have pockets where you have standing waves. The fields combine. They combine in certain areas where they combine into a resonant pocket. They found a node within the pyramid, they found a node also below the pyramid. This is the pyramid of Giza. And in the report they actually did like a two dimensional color map. Where you can look at and show the pyramid and show the land. And they showed like right below the land. And you saw these red areas, pockets within the pyramid and below the pyramid. And this is the Pyramid of Giza.

TIVON: The only thing you conclude is this pyramid is a resonator of low frequency. That the frequencies that we’re storing was ultra low frequencies. And that’s the pyramid. And it was like they couldn’t conclude that this was an accident. Because it’s doing it now, it’s storing energy. It’s storing electromagnetic energy. It’s piezoelectric. It goes to the theory that others have put out that it is an energy, a generator of some kind.

VAL: Also the charge plates that’s another effect of the orgonite is that it preserves food longer and produce that you get really doesn’t last more than a day. However, we’ve got orgonite in our refrigerator. And I get a week or more out of my lettuce, which is amazing for here. It works on that as well.

Speaker2: I can talk more about that orgonite enhances what you’re already doing so… So this is the disclaimer. You have to know what you’re doing and be good at it so you can actually see the effects. So for example, if you already know how to garden, you know how to grow the plants, you know when to harvest, what time of the year. And you get rid of the pests and you go through all that whole thing, right? And then you add orgonite to your plan, you’ll find dramatic results in how your plants perform, especially if you do it over a couple of months or you leave it in that area over like a year or two. You’ll find things just all of a sudden just flourish. The same thing with the fridge, with the charge plate.

VAL: Yeah, food definitely lasts longer. The lettuce, I wash it and I chop it up, put it in a plastic baggie, put it on top of the charge, right on top. I have a little thing that it just goes under everything but giving the whole refrigerator and freezer the energy effect that we’re looking for.

TIVON: And when you put the plate within your freezer, it changes the structures, the water passively structures the water in the freezer. So if you got ice, if you’re making ice or drinks or you’re freezing your meat, anything, it’s structured as it freezes. It’s being structured by the orgone field in your freezer. It’s really amazing. And the orgone field, the way you do it is the ice test. It’s an experiment that you can see online. It’s called the ice test. People are now using food coloring.

TIVON: To give you a better idea, you take distilled water, you put it in the glass, you take some food coloring, you mix it evenly in that glass, and then you rest that glass in a freezer with a charge plate and you allow it to freeze. You might want to do a control before you use your charge plate because the field from this charge plate has a memory. So you want to put the control, just water dye, distilled water, glass in the freezer first by itself, no charge plate and then take it out, do a little recording or take some photos of the ice. You know, you have some good photos and then do the same thing again with the charge plate and look at the beautiful geometric shapes, star patterns, something that looks like a funnel vortices. First there’s this starburst, this field elongates the air bubbles into filaments, and these filaments form beautiful spiraling patterns within the ice. And when you have a dye, a food coloring dye in there, the dye gets pulled into the center, which shows that there is a vortex interaction happening and this plate is doing it through the glass. So that’s why this is amazing stuff.

VAL: Can we go back to the 5G activation we were talking about? Because I’m really very concerned. I’ve been watching some videos. They’re putting up the towers by the schools. And you can see how the trees look if a tower has been up for a few months. If there’s a tree on one side of it, the side facing the tower is dead. Yes, it’s really going on. It’s really happening. And we do have to protect ourselves from this even before COVID. But let’s talk about COVID now a little bit and let’s talk about the bioweapon vaccine, because that’s what it is. And we’re not going to make any apologies for saying that. And there may not even be a virus.

VAL: Bill Gates a couple of weeks ago admitted it was like the flu. Yes. But they have this whole big COVID response, which we know is just the agenda of the globalists to bring us under submission and control the whole world because they’re psychopaths.

VAL: This vaccine has graphene oxide in it. And that’s also another thing that has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt over and over again in laboratories all around the world and people that are brave enough to come out and talk about it.

VAL: We remember several months back, maybe a year already, the magnetic phenomenon. So graphene oxide, what I know about it is that it magnifies frequencies. So they use graphene in all kinds of applications in engineering and industrial and everything. And then they take the graphene and they turn it into graphene oxide, which is just one layer of carbon cells. But it happens to be the strongest material on the planet.

VAL: So having this graphene oxide in the body has created a lot of problems. And I won’t even talk about the spike protein in this podcast. Let’s just talk about the graphene oxide, because that’s kind of your forte in talking about the electrical magnetic effects. You know, associations and what’s going on there and in people’s bodies and what’s with the 5G and the graphene oxide accumulation in the body? That’s really where I want to go.

TIVON: Yeah. I guess before we go into what this kind of stuff that there’s been a lot of revelation about what kind of structures that are graphene oxide based that are found in these samples. You know, especially what researchers are finding, scientists are finding it’s horrific with the structures that are aggregating within people’s bodies and what they found within these samples. But even not mentioning that for a minute, graphene oxide in general is a known toxin to the body. This is well established. It’s been known for over 150 years,

TIVON: So the fact that’s it’s even injected into people is a crime. If you have taken an injection, you’ve taken a poison. Graphene oxide is a carcinogen and is a toxin.

VAL: Yeah. Well, hurry up, though, because if they find out that it’s there, they’re going to censor it.

TIVON: This is an attempt to overturn everything that has been established as far as what’s known. This would be like a known cannon in the scientific community. It’s a poison. You might as well have taken battery acid. It’s that bad. Why is it in the body if it’s poisonous? You’re trying to kill me, right? I mean, what I’m supposed to think if I have a poison in my body, you’re trying to kill me, right?

TIVON: That’s one angle. The other angle, we have this graphene oxide based structures being found under the microscope of the samples. And these are organized structures that aren’t natural. You know, you can’t find them anywhere else. And I think there’s all kinds of reports now about what these could be based on scientific papers. Like you mentioned, Dr. Delgado and his team have done quite a few exposes and videos talking about these structures that look like they have nanotechnology based on their design and what was written about and university papers. In peer review papers about graphene oxide based chips at that same scale. And they would be considered nanotechnology. I mean, it could be microscopic in scale, but the actual components within that chip is at the nanoscale.

TIVON: At the molecular level these structures have self-assembling properties. But there’s many ways you can get something to self-assemble. It can be done through a combination of chemistry and electromagnetic fields. And these can just be powders. They don’t have to be programmed to do it. You know, we’re not even talking about mRNA type stuff, but just by the interaction of the physical properties of molecular matter particulates, you can get them to aggregate, you can get them to create chemical processes and form new molecules. And under electromagnetic fields do other things. That is based on the information that’s happened up to this point that looks like what’s happened and who knows. But none of this stuff is good.

TIVON: And again, we’re dealing with a poison that has these abilities. But one of the abilities of  graphene oxide is water, it’s water soluble. Having that oxide component makes it water soluble. Water molecules and things that latch on to the water molecules or the fluid, like the interstitial fluids, things that are like the blood cells like to. Therefore, they aggregate to graphene oxide because graphene oxide loves to be and spread out within water. And, and when it’s stimulated with energy by electrical energy, electromagnetic energy or heat, it likes to expand in layers over large distances at the microscopic level. The layers, absorb the water and brings it into its structure, allowing it like an accordion to basically expand.

VAL: Is it multiplying cells?

TIVON: I’m not sure if it’s multiplying but in general the structure is able to expand and absorb water while it’s doing it. It absorbs energy when it’s stimulated, that includes electromagnetic energy and graphene based things absorb RF radiation. So a toxic compound through trickery has been injected into people. And it’s a compound that is stimulated with electromagnetic fields. And this has gone through the circulatory system of everyone who’s taken the injection. So what am I supposed to think.

TIVON: And because I read up on things, my mind thinks of AI. There are things called fractal antennas. You just type it in, look it up, and I know your audience. They’ll look it up. Fractal antenna. So when you have it’s something that’s in your veins that receives electromagnetic radiation and you start start thinking about fractal antennas. There’s a lot of directions to go with the technology. But in general, everyone has become more sensitive to the electromagnetic environment in a bad way because the body isn’t built for that.

VAL: Well, you know, we’ve also been being poisoned for many years now. You’ve got the poisoning in the food. You got the poison in the water and the bottles, things from China, chemtrails. You cannot get away from that poisoning.

TIVON: Right. But the body has defenses with the other means. You have slow bioaccumulation over time. We’re all human physically. We’re part of this planet. So we’re all going to have some kind of chinks in our armor, you know, areas where you can see it as a vector of attack, where we’re going to get something, we’re going to get ill or sick or something. But your body is able, because of its natural defenses, able to purge it if you allow it to detox, if you do the right things, try to take care of yourself. But taking something and putting it directly into your vein. This, whatever it is, is a whole different matter because it’s like the Trojan horse. And that’s why it had to be done through trickery. You’re being tricked.

VAL: I just would like to say here that the graphene oxide will be eliminated naturally by the body’s immune system. But the body has to have an immune system in order to eliminate the toxin. So if you get one shot, start taking care of yourself.

TIVON: You can’t be afraid of the truth here.

VAL: No, you cannot. You must take this thing straight on. If you got two shots, you really have to take action fast. I mean, any amount of shots, you have to take action. You really do. If you’ve taken the PCR tests, you have to take action. Yes. Even if you wore a mask for a ridiculous amount of time, you have to take action because these things are loaded with graphene oxide and yes, the body will eliminate it naturally after time, but not if you keep putting it back in. You have to stop putting the graphene oxide in the body and you have to make sure that you get your immune system where it needs to be to be able to fight things off. You know, because the graphene oxide, we can eliminate that.

VAL: There are plenty of studies, especially on La Quinta Columna, and they’ve translated all the Spanish into English so that we can understand. There are plenty of studies that show glutathione takes care of the graphene oxide and your body when you’ve taken the vaccines and even if you got the COVID disease, because the COVID, the SARS-CoV-2 is the same thing as the vaccine, right? So even if you got sick with that, the body needs the glutathione. But if you have taken all of the shots and the PCR tests and everything else, you’re going to have some bioaccumulation of that stuff and your glutathione reserves are going to be completely depleted.

VAL: And this is why you hear people say you’ve got to take an NAC or N-acetylcysteine, because that is the thing that’s going to help your body to bring your glutathione levels up. Glutathione supplement is very expensive. NAC is very cheap. And NAC helps your body to make glutathione. You also have to take zinc and you have to take what we call a zinc ionophore, which is quercetin or numerous other antioxidants. I’ll put a link to a program that we all use, people that we know, so that you’ll have that in your arsenal. Because you’ve got to realize that if it’s not in the shots, if it’s not in the disease, it’s in the air, it’s in the water, it’s everywhere. And it’s all about your immune system.

VAL: I’ve worked with people that have gotten really sick, people that got long haul COVID, two shots, three shots. And ivermectin works well also. But ivermectin is a silver bullet. Ivermectin will take it out. So I recommend you get ivermectin. However, ivermectin isn’t going to boost your immune system, and that’s what you need to be aware of in this world at this time. Because they’re not done with their with their weapons and this war, they’re not done with us. Monkey pox is coming right up.

TIVON: Well, it felt like the last two years was like softening the target of the population. Yeah. There’s some things to think about. And what’s important now is that everyone has to look, that their health has to be top priority, the health of them and their family or the people that will listen to them.

VAL: And all the things that we know, people that are intelligent know that you have to eat right and you have to get some exercise and you have to get some fresh air and that it’s really healthy for you to go out into nature, whether it’s a walk in the woods or sitting by a waterfall, prayer. I talked about this in my last podcast because we’re trying to figure out a way to deal with the mRNA piece of what’s in the vaccine. I just discovered that that mRNA is synthetic. I didn’t really know that. I mean, it makes sense that it would be because that’s the evil that we’re dealing with. But this is the thing that’s telling the body to create all the spike protein. How do we deal with the synthetic mRNA? Now, that’s like a whole other layer of complexity that we have to find out.

VAL: First of all, I’m a believer in Jesus Christ and I believe in the light and the life that he is. And I know that God created me and created my DNA. And DNA is so amazing that it repairs itself. So we have to keep that in mind. And there’s a lot of doctors out there, I love them them all. They’re trying to get the word out. I’m not talking about the doctors in the hospitals that are killing people. I’m talking about doctors that are the truth tellers. They’re saying we don’t know what to do about the DNA problems. We don’t know how to stop it. Well, I’m not one of those doctors. I think that there are ways to stop it. And I’m on the path to try and get that information. It’s very difficult because things are so censored. You’re always running up against walls.

VAL: For a moment, I want to go back to the 5G that got turned onin Wuhan because I was reading. When they showed those initial videos…

TIVON: Of people face planting.

VAL: Yes, they were the most shocking. So they’re walking and then Bam! Zap.  They probably got flu shots. Because that was happening in 2019. September, October, Novembe

TIVON: The interpretation of those videos range from it’s all fake to. Yeah. Actually there was I actually I have not I try to think about the videos I saw in reference to the people like the guy who fell on the curb face first.

VAL: It was all propaganda and it was just thrown out there with the other videos, with the stormtroopers spraying.

Speaker2: So in hindsight but in hindsight, I mean, what if that was because Wuhan is the hub of the new 5G infrastructure, it is one of the premier hubs on the planet. That wasn’t just for public consumption, those scenes of the people just just dropping dead or seemingly on the curb or wherever was for consumption of other people, actors on the planet that wanted to see the results of whatever it is they did in China first. So everyone’s thinking it’s a scam. And actually those in the know, they actually just witnessed what they had planned for the rest of the population. Now that we’re two and a half years into this, you know, that I’m thinking is becoming more of a plot a plausible reason that can happen with those who have taken the injection falling just lifeless on on the sidewalk.

Speaker1: But was that because they turned up the 5G that they had all that death there and also in Italy and also in the Washington nursing home. Like all those places where this was reported at the beginning to have happened.

Speaker2: It’s coinciding. All of the stuff we talk about coincides with invisible things. Whether it’s a virus. Invisible, electromagnetic fields invisible. Someone dropping dead. Invisible. So. And then that grey area. This is where these people are playing because they know that they can manipulate the public to say it’s this, it’s that. And if you believe their narrative, you will never break free from it. You’ll you’ll continually be trapped. So you have to acknowledge that these physical things that are happening to you are real, but they’re coming from things that you can’t see, what the human eye you can only go off observation and what people have written about it and take it on and really, really challenged the official narrative. So the 5G infrastructure again was the only thing that was given except for warp speed. Remember what other other than that it was five g, six G. Anything. Get that, get those towers up. Everyone was on lockdown. And all those videos of contractors, all bloated contractors putting out 5G towers everywhere. I mean, you had people with cameras or the mobile phone going to contrast. Hey, how are you out here working? We’re on lockdown. Contractor won’t answer them. It’s just working on the wiring. It’s like these guys were told to put the stuff everywhere on the planet. So why is that and how is that? And it plays with what people have taken. It’s all place together.

Speaker2: And we’re not supposed to draw puzzles off. I mean, I remember I’m I’m a child of the seventies. I remember, you know, we had these these smart board games where you’re supposed to, like, figure out whodunit and all these things. You’re supposed to think and draw conclusions based on evidence. Now, the state will try to censor. Oh, no, you’re just it’s like this is this is this is this is child’s play. You guys you guys are clearly trying to harm everybody, and you’re just lying to it. Yeah. So, yeah. So the 5G infrastructure, again, it’s all the same cities that were the hotspots for the pandemic. Initially you had 5G heat maps. You can go online and find out where these heat maps are. They’re the same cities right now because there’s so many eyeballs probably looking at heat maps now. They realize they can’t do a pandemic without people running right to the heat map. They say, oh, okay, you turned on the you turned on to 23 gigahertz frequency for Lombardy. Well, so you’ve just you’ve just killed a bunch of Tyreese. Thanks. You know, you know, that’s that’s where we are with this. We have to just keep our eyes peeled and know that when you have that information and when something happens, it’s the benefit is you can draw conclusions right away because it’s built on solid foundation. But if you’re waffling and drifting and not sure what’s going on, it’s a lot more difficult.

TIVON: And you can be manipulated. You can be lied to. I challenge everyone just don’t believe what we’re saying, what I’m saying, these things are available online to look up and you have to try that hard. At this point, it’s everywhere. A lot of people are realizing for themselves they’re buying tri field meters, beginning to confirm this. Buy yourself a tri field meter and EMF meter for yourself and your family that can pick up the 6 to 8 gigahertz. You know, a lot of them, it’s almost impossible to get anything in that above that frequency range and start measuring the activity in your environment, the strengths coming from your laptop, your router, your your infrared TV controller know what your environment looks like so that, you know. A lot of them come with a safety card to give you an idea of how much radiation exposure you’re getting from EMF and things like that, start from there because you have to understand there is a relationship from our EMF exposure and what’s in our bodies. Just remember there is a connection between what’s in your body and the EMF, the increase in EMF and they want everything to be the Internet of things and coupled to a 5G grid. That’s all related.

Speaker1: Yeah. And there’s so much more to it also because the graphene oxide in the bodies is a transmitter. And then they’re they’re experimenting with sending signals and making us think things. And so if you’ve got that graphene oxide in there, get it out because there’s nothing good you know, there’s nothing good in that vaccine. The vaccine is a bioweapon. And I don’t know when this thing is going to end, when something is going to happen. The numbers, because we know where to look. We see the numbers, but none of it is being reported. None of it.

TIVON: The behavior that we’re seeing right now, I think, is going to end up changing our idea of civilization. That’s how bad it is. Because when this COVID thing, when this pandemic first happened, there have been so many violations in law. And as far as lying to the public about all these different things that the heads of departments should have, they should have gone to prison over this. There should have been new laws changed to protect people from this and all the areas of enforcement. When it comes to that kind of thing, disappeared. Gone. Nobody goes to jail. Nobody. That right. That’s a problem. See, that’s a problem. How can we move forward in the society, in its current state, when you have that just blatant criminality and then the state wants you to, like, believe them?

TIVON: So we have some terminal madness happening. All we can do right now is get in with like minded people, our families and grassroot bodies. Large grassroots, large grassroots. Because that’s where I think the change is going to come from now. And it starts from you having a healthy body. You have to get yourself healthy.

VAL: Yes, you’ve got to get strong. Yes. Because this is war and you have to be able to withstand what’s going to be coming down the road because then they’re not done.

TIVON: Elevate to the point of helping yourself And maybe you might be able to help another person, too.

VAL: Love your neighbor.

TIVON: Oh, that’s a big one. Love your neighbor. Well, that that’s got to come back. You know, a lot of that has been lost. You don’t even know who your neighbor is, what they’re about, what they do. But I think in order to get past this, we’ve got to get more tight knit. I think people are going to realize that their neighbor might not have been the most savory person, but we’re going to need each other. And that’s going to be necessary because strong communities is what’s going to make it through this. Strong communities, we can’t do it alone.

VAL: And we haven’t even touched on what’s going on with the food supply, what’s going on with the diesel. It’s like a many pronged attack. And the attack is mostly to America, to take America down. These shots were meant to kill Americans and disable Europeans. And if you do a little research into the batches, which I don’t know if you can even find those things anymore, they’re probably all censored and gone. But we’ve been on this thing and we’ve been we’ve been getting information as it comes in, and we’ve been documenting it by doing podcasts and blog posts and live calls and whatever things we can do. And being unvaccinated, I think we’re the smartest people, you know, we’ve been entrusted with this knowledge that we’re sharing. It’s a real blessing to be able to talk about this stuff. I know that it’s not everybody’s cup of tea but it’s certainly my cup of tea because I get email all the time. “please help me. I took the shot. I don’t know what to do.”

VAL: So we’re Soldiers, we do what we can.

VAL: Well, Tivon, I think that we covered a lot in this past hour and it’s always great to talk to you. Thank you for coming and for your expertise. I’m going to leave some links in the show notes so that people can get more information about orgone energy and orgonite. We must have 100 videos by now.

TIVON: And some new content on the way!

VAL: Yes. That’s going to be great. And I’ll be sure to post that when that’s ready. Probably in about a month. Got a lot of nice footage a couple of weeks ago.

VAL: All right then Everybody be well.

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