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In This Episode:

In this podcast, I review how beneficial intermittent fasting is for blood sugar and insulin sensitivity, fat burning and autophagy. The problem is that intermittent fasting is also a stressor on the body. Here, I review how to practice crescendo fasting which gradually primes the body to maximize the benefits of fasting while reducing the stressful impact.

What is crescendo fasting? And is it a better fasting strategy for women than intermittent fasting? Women can derive great benefits from fasting, but they do need to be more cautious than men as they seek to avoid hormonal dysfunction. 

Dr. Jockers has spoken on several occasions about intermittent fasting, a form of fasting where someone is fasting 12 to 16 hours or more per day. During this fasting window, you may not be consuming anything except for water or perhaps herbal tea. During the rest of the day, you would be eating a normal, healthy diet. 

Crescendo fasting takes things up a notch, with a 16-hour fast two days per week on non-consecutive days. Fasting is an ancient healing strategy that has been used since the beginning of known history. And in this episode of Functional Nutrition, Dr. Jockers is providing a tailor-made approach for all women out there looking to be mindful of fasting in unison with their menstrual cycle and other hormonal considerations. Please join us.

“If you’ve never fasted, a great place to start is the simple fast. I would say 12 hours, overnight, between your last meal and your first meal.”   

-Dr. David Jockers

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