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A gut health scientist has revealed the five worst foods for gut health as they are most likely to cause food poisoning.

The list includes oysters, packaged salads, beef burgers that aren’t fully cooked, sushi more than two days old and sprouts.

‘I avoid these foods because they’re the ones most likely to cause food poisoning. Food poisoning increases your risk of having long term gut problems such as post infectious IBS,’ the British scientist, who goes by @mrguthealth on TikTok, said.

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A British gut health scientist has revealed the five worst foods for gut health as they are most likely to cause food poisoning

The scientist said that one in seven people suffer post-infectious IBS.

According to the scientist the fifth worst food is oysters, as they’re a ‘filter feeder’ and ‘pick up everything’, including bacteria.

‘They’re supposed to be an aphrodisiac but there’s nothing sexy about having the squirts,’ he joked.

The fourth worst food is undercooked beef burgers, he outlines that burgers should be cooked medium well at a minimum.

‘Don’t order your beef burgers rare its not the same as getting a steak. Beef burgers are typically made from mince meat so all the bacteria on the outside gets mixed in together,’ he said.

The scientist said that sushi can also be bad news for gut health.

‘Most fish used to make sushi is actually frozen to kill the parasites and bacteria but it goes off really quickly after being prepared so make sure you eat it all on the same day.’

The list included oysters, beef burgers, old sushi, sprouts and packaged salads

‘If you’re buying this stuff you’re just asking for it really,’ he joked about reduced sushi.

The second most dangerous food is sprouts.

‘Sprouts are grown in warm conditions and we don’t typically cook them. I know they’re supposed to be superfoods but the risk isn’t worth the reward in my opinion,’ the scientist said.

According to the scientist, the number one food to avoid is packaged salad as there are many potential cross contamination points and the moist environment is perfect for bacteria.

’22 per cent of all food poisoning outbreaks in the US in the last decade have been linked to salads. Seafood only account for six per cent of all cases,’ the scientist explained.

Five foods to avoid for gut health

1. Packaged salad

3. Two day old sushi

The scientist urges shoppers to buy unmixed and unwashed packaged salad and wash it before use if they have to buy packaged salad.

Many followers were shocked at the foods, but some were unsurprised to find out packaged salad is so risky.

‘Definitely been very poorly from bagged salads. Never bought anymore after that,’ one woman said.

A microbiologist chimed in to say barbecued foods and unpasteurized cheese are also dangerous.

However many fans were delighted to hear the news that packaged salad was a no-go.

‘Cheers dude – salads out for life,’ one man said.

‘Doughnuts safe then?’ another joked.

Gut health scientist reveals five foods you should never eat to avoid bad gut health

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