Jessica Simpson Goes Through Anti-Aging Skin Treatment: See Results – Hollywood Life

Jessica Simpson, 42, a busy mom of three, took some time out for herself and shared her satisfaction and gratitude when she went through a non-invasive skin treatment on her face, in her latest Instagram video. The singer looked relaxed as she went through the needle-free skin procedure called EMface, a new non-surgical facelift, and as the technician peeled sections of paper off her face, amazing results could be seen. She appeared to look in a mirror with a fresher and more youthful appearance, before she reacted by saying, “Oh yeah” and “Wow,” obviously happy with what she saw.

“Thank you @Emface for these camera ready results! #Emface,” she wrote in the caption of the post while also adding all the people responsible for the treatment. Once the post was public, Jessica’s fans were quick to comment and share compliments and other kind words. Some also wanted advice on how to improve their own skin.

Jessica’s most likely just one of many women trying out the new EMFace technology. According to the Beverly Hills company’s website, EMFace, “is the only painless way to get a non-invasive, non-surgical facelift.” There are “no needles, no toxins, and no downtime” during the treatment. It “uses a combination of HIFES and RF energy technology to diminish wrinkles and tone the face” and the procedure “boosts facial collagen and elastin production.”

The website also states that the treatments are only 20 minutes long each time and the number of treatments needed depends on the company’s recommendations and the client’s preference. More information and a free consultation can be given to anyone interested in the procedure by calling the number on the website, which can be found here.

Jessica’s fans couldn’t get over the impressive results from her own EMface treatment in her video. “She looks stunning and healthy. Her skin is incredible,” one fan wrote while another wrote, “I so want to try it just because there’s no needles involved.” A third exclaimed, “You’re beautiful, Jessica!” and a fourth shared, “I love these. I myself am not a needle fan.” Others commented on the giant gem of a ring that the blonde beauty was wearing during the treatment.

Jessica’s latest video comes on the same day she made headlines for rocking a red ski outfit during a trip with her family to Aspen, Colorado. She posed for epic photos and looked gorgeous despite being bundled up for the cold weather and slopes. She topped off her look with a fuzzy white hat and sunglasses.

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