Millionaire biohacker Bryan Johnson reveals the VERY complicated morning routine that he says will help him live to ‘120+’ – as he reveals the ideal time to begin an anti-aging regimen, admitting he wishes he could ‘go back in time’ and start earlier | Daily Mail Online

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Millionaire Bryan Johnson can afford just about anything he wants in life –  but the one thing money can’t buy is the ability change the habits of his former self.

The tech CEO has made headlines over recent years for his obsession with age reversal through his Blueprint diet – which he spent millions developing.

The wealthy health nut revealed there is a optimal age to start taking serious care of yourself – and unfortunately, you’re probably already too late.

‘What I would give to go back in time and begin this way of living, at that age [10 to 20],’ the Californian tech mogul Bryan, 46, says wistfully in a recent YouTube video titled My Morning Routine (Live to 120+).

‘It is so much harder to reverse aging damage than it is to prevent it,’ he pointed out. ‘There’s been this mindset that you live fast and die young or that you do things in your youth and then you correct things when you’re an adult.’

Millionaire biohacker Bryan Johnson has shared insight into his meticulous morning routine, which sees him waking up between 4:30-6am and spending time in front of a UV light

Bryan, 46, who has added in meditation to his routine, say he wishes he started his health journey decades earlier, revealing he should have kicked it off between the ages of 10 and 20

The millionaire takes around 50 to 60 pills a day, with his team of medical staff swapping them out every two weeks in response to how they’ve helped his health journey

The health conscious millionaire described living life with health not being your priority – but with the plan to correct it later – as ‘not a good idea.’

‘So if you’re in your younger years of life I would strongly encourage you to begin this and avoid the traps of self-destructive behavior that have been the cultural norm,’ he urged.

In the 12:30 minute video, Bryan took viewers through his rigorous morning routine, which begins around 4:40am to 6am, and lasts for around ‘three to four hours.’

The first thing the tech-mogul does in the morning is take his temperature using an inner-ear device.

‘I do this as a safety and efficacy check for various therapies we’re doing,’ he explained, adding he generally ‘runs cooler’ than most by 3 degrees due to his diet.

The health junkie then catches some rays – from a UV light that emits 10,000 lux – the recommended amount of lux for effective light therapy.

‘I wake up normally when it’s dark outside and so I can’t see the sun,’ he explained. ‘And so in place of the sun I’ll use this device it helps set circadian rhythm it improves sleep after the light exposure.’

He then takes 10 micrograms of heme iron – the iron most readily absorbed in the body –  and 250 micrograms of vitamin C.

Bryan uses a range of light treatments, including red light therapy (pictured), to help prevent hair loss

He prepares his food for the morning (pictured here making his green monster drink) before starting his intense workout for the day

He has access to cutting edge technology, such as this device to help with his dry eyes, which he uses every day

He then takes his body measurements, noting his weight, Body Mass Index, fat, visceral fat, muscle, water, bone and water percentages in his body.

Bryan Johnson’s age-reversing morning routine

  • The millionaire wakes up naturally  between 4:30am to 6:00am every day – depending on how well he’s slept
  • Upon waking, he takes his temperature and body measurements, which include: his weight, Body Mass Index, fat, visceral fat, muscle, water, bone and water percentage
  • He will then use a UV and blue light
  • Bryan said he’s started incorporating meditation into his routine, which he does 10 minutes of daily
  • He then uses a device to relieve dry eyes and eye drops for cataract prevention
  • He then takes his ‘morning pills’, consisting of 50 to 60 vitamins and minerals, which he takes while drinking his ‘green giant’ drink
  • He starts to prepare his first two meals of the day – the super veggie and nutty pudding – while wearing a red light cap to reduce hair loss
  • Bryan will then go and complete his high intensity workout
  • Post workout, he’ll eat the pre-prepared super veggie meal

Lastly, before beginning the second portion of his morning – which is eating breakfast and working out, Bryan undergoes five minutes of blue light therapy, which involves him lying back down and placing a mask with a blue light over his face.

‘It keeps my complexion clear and it’s also a nice time to do a little meditation,’ he said.

Bryan does a more focused meditation in his living room for around 10 minutes to ‘settle’ himself before he goes about the rest of his day.

The tech millionaire noted he doesn’t set alarms and wakes up naturally. Depending on how well he slept may wake up as early as 4:30 in the morning.

‘I can imagine you [the viewers] watching me and thinking “this guys is nuts,”‘ he joked, quipping: ‘Probably true.’

‘I now think of myself as a professional rejuvenation athlete,’ he explained. ‘My life is trying to be the science; it’s like trying to be the entire process of the discovery and analysis to the implementation.’

Bryan then moved on to use another device, aimed at relieving dry eyes, which he placed just near the junction of the eye socket and nose and holds for 30 seconds.

 He then uses some eye drops for cataract prevention and checks the air quality.

 Next step is getting through the mountain of pills, carefully organized into individual cannisters.

‘Every two weeks my team organizes all the pills,’ Bryan explained, as he showed the small tin with ‘over 50 or 60’ vitamins and minerals inside.

‘In between that time duration we change certain things,’ he continued, adding often his team of medical professionals will often add some new pills into the mix mid-cycle.

‘[When] the two week time frame comes they’ll be incorporated into the whole process,’ the tech mogul said.

Bryan works out for 30 to 60 minutes a day, doing high intensity workouts in the gym where he tries to keep his heart rate up

He meets with his medical staff everyday who monitor his progress and adjust various pills and treatments

Another therapy he uses is blue light therapy in the mornings, to help with his complexion

Bryan pre-prepares a lot of his meals, and while he does a high-intense workout in the morning he defrosts and cooks his food – while wearing a red-light hat to help with hair loss, something which begun in his ‘early thirties.’

Bryan eats a dish called ‘super veggie’ for breakfast, saying he rotates monthly between eating it pureed or in whole pieces – eating in total 50 pounds of vegetables per month.

The millionaire then prepared his second meal of the day – a nutty pudding – then went to complete his HIIT workout. He noted usually he’d work out for 30 to 60 minutes, but he only had 20 so just tried to get his heart rate into the 160s.

It’s then onto one of his ‘favorite’ parts of the day – breakfast – where he enjoys  a ‘few pounds of vegetables’  with some fermented foods and two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil before going about his day.

Bryan also added it’s important to remember he isn’t suggesting that people try his diet – which is apart of his Blueprint Project – and copy it exactly; but rather adapt it so it suits their own lifestyles.

‘Hopefully you can pull nuggets here and there on what you want to do, but you definitely don’t need to do the entirety my routine,’ he added.

He added sometimes starting small is the best way to initiate change.

‘Oftentimes life is defined by our ability just to take that first baby step and do the most minimal of actions in life,’ he said.

‘I trashed my body and mind for almost 20 years,’ he reflected. ‘And if I can come back from that really bad spot to be in pretty good health now you can too.’

Bryan’s biohacking and restrictive diet have transformed his appearance, shown in 2018 (left) and 2023 (right)

A team of more than 30 doctors routinely measure Bryan’s  blood, heart, liver, kidneys, brain, blood vessels, and sexual health

Bryan has made millions off his online payment platform Braintree which, in a span of just three years, garnered nearly $5 million in revenue.

In 2012, profits ballooned with Braintree’s $26 million acquisition of Venmo, and by the following year, was bought out by PayPal for $800 million.

He has since developed a company aimed at improving the quality and access to high-tech brain scans meant to spot oncoming diseases early, earning him a mountain of revenue to put toward his health endeavors such as devices to measure nocturnal erections and a blood plasma exchange with his teenage son.

His quest for youth started in 2020, and since then has spent an estimated $6 million.

A team of more than 30 doctors routinely measure his blood, heart, liver, kidneys, brain, blood vessels, and sexual health.

He claims he now has the heart of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old, and the fitness of an 18-year-old.

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