Mum who beat breast cancer now ‘looks to natural remedies’ to combat illness

A mum-of-two diagnosed with cancer despite “always being a healthy person” now looks to natural remedies to combat any illnesses. Bewdley mum Jo Taylor recovered from breast cancer after two lots of surgery and radiotherapy. Two years on from her last operation, the 47-year-old looks to ‘nature’s medicines’ rather than immediately turning to medications. Mother to two daughters, 21 and 24, she says detecting cancer early is key to recovery, with her now supporting a petition for breast cancer screening from 40. “I just think any kind of early detection for any cancer is vital. Two years on from having cancer, life is good,” she said. “I’m much more aware of my health now and what I’m putting into my body and, appreciating every little thing life throws at me. Read more: ‘ I thought I was tired because I’m a mum and work full time – now I’m dying sooner than I should’ Jo tells her story in support of a petition for early breast cancer screening from the age of 40, instead of 50, to help catch the disease early and save lives. Join BirminghamLive in supporting the petition to the Government – you can sign here. “I’ve always been a healthy person, never had any health concerns, I feel quite lucky in that respect that I’ve never had any other major health issues. Now I’m thinking, I’ve lived my life relatively healthily but still ended up with cancer, so it’s now thinking ‘how does that happen,'” she said. “Now it’s looking at natural treatments and trying to combat any little ailments I have, rather than turning to medications. Every morning I have fresh ginger, manuka honey and lemon tea without fail. It’s looking at a lot of herbs and going back to nature’s way of dealing with things. I don’t take a lot of painkillers or medication.” Jo, who has since fundraised multiple times with her family, first grew concerned when she found a lump while showering. She initially ‘put it down to being on her period’, but couldn’t ignore it when she felt it a second time and it “didn’t go away.” “I contacted my GP straight away, went down, she suspected it was a cyst but was like ‘we’ll put you down a cancer referral route anyway,'” she recalled. “I went and had a scan and was diagnosed in December 2021. “It was classed as grade 2 and I had to have a lumpectomy and further surgery two weeks after because they found more pre-cancerous cells around the edge of the good cells they removed.” She’s now has to be on medication for the next five years as the cancer was hormone receptive, but tries to combat symptoms with healthy lifestyle habits. “I’m now in medically-induced menopause which is just delightful,” she added. “I’ve been looking into reflexology and massage benefits to help with symptoms that I’m having now I’m in menopause. “I’m very aware of keeping active, yoga, getting in amongst nature, I’m a really big believer in positive energy really.” She’s now urging people to sign the petition for early screening – which was set up and is fronted by Lucy Hollis, a mum-of-four living with incurable cancer. “Most people have got a sister, a grandmother, a mother, cousins,” said Jo. “It’s not just women, there are more and more men being diagnosed with breast cancer. It is right what they say; ‘Everybody knows somebody that’s had breast cancer or going through treatment.’ “When somebody’s had breast cancer, it’s quite easy for people to think ‘they’ve had the treatment, got the all clear, everything’s hunky dory now’. They don’t always think about the aftereffects of having breast cancer, like being medically-induced into menopause, or the mental effects of having breast cancer; they can hang onto people for a long time. “It’s nice to be asked ‘how are you doing’ every now and again and not just assuming everything’s fabulous.” Join BirminghamLive in supporting the petition to fund breast cancer screening from the age of 40 – you can sign here. Have you been affected by this? We would like to hear from you. You can contact us by emailing [email protected]

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