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Chintu is back with his questions about Vegetarian Diet Plan For Muscle Building and most of the people have this doubt that whether muscle building is possible for vegetarians or not. To burst this myth, I have shared Beginners Diet for Muscle Gain.

0:00 start
2:02 Meal 1
3:03 Meal 2
5:16 Meal 3
6:01 Meal 4
7:17 Meal 5
8:03 Pre Workout Drink
8:27 Meal 6
9:07 Meal 7

Nutrition schedule for morning workout – Beginner Build – Veg

Early morning-6.00am
Banana 2

Pre-workout Drink-7.00am
Black coffee 1 cup

Workout Time – 7.15am to 8.30am

Post workout/Breakfast-9.00am
Whey protein 1 scoop
White potato 200gm

Mid meal-11.30am
Chickpeas 50gm (raw weight)
Fruits 200-250gm

Paneer 200gm
White rice 250gm (cooked weight)
Green veg 1 bowl
Salad 1 bowl (cucumber)

Omega meal-4.00pm
Almonds 10
Walnut 4

Evening snack-5.00pm
Bhuna Chana 100gm
White oats 50gm (raw weight)
Almond oil 5ml

Green Moong Dal Split -60gm (Raw Weight)
Roti 3 (whole grain)
Salad 1 plate (cucumber)

Before sleep
Milk 1 glass (lukewarm) with turmeric and cinnamon

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