Natural remedies for Insomnia during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is no less than a blessing for a woman. You are in for a thrilling roller coaster ride for 9 months. However, this is also a time for some horrific emotional and physical changes in your body and mind.

One of the most common challenges that a future mother has to face is insomnia. Hormonal fluctuations, anxiety, or physical discomfort contribute to wreaking havoc on your sleeping cycle.

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Having said that, there are ways to overcome these challenges. Your pregnancy can go smoothly without difficulty falling asleep. You just need to try some natural remedies.

In this article, you will know some natural tips to manage your unbearable insomnia.

Yoga during pregnancy can be beneficial for you. Enrolling in a prenatal yoga class helps you reduce stress, anxiety, and depression as well. It is immensely useful to maintain your overall fitness levels to prepare your body for labor and delivery.

For 5 months pregnant insomnia patients, taking a yoga class is going to be very crucial. For a future mother, yoga can be useful to relieve tension, provide relaxation and improve overall sleep quality.

Yoga mainly focuses on stretching such as gentle forward bends or supported postures. It calms the nervous system and prepares your body to get ready for bed. Whatever physical discomfort or tension there might be, yoga can relieve them by stretching.

Additionally, if you find it very difficult to fall asleep, then try bedtime yoga. Create a routine for going to bed at a specific time every single night. This way it would be easier to signal your brain that it’s time to sleep.

Having said that, whenever you take yoga classes, make sure to listen to your trainer carefully. You should not take safety and comfort for granted. Always listen to your body, and avoid poses that make you uncomfortable.

Massage therapy

Prenatal massage therapy can do wonders for curing insomnia during pregnancy. It helps relax the muscles and reduce stress by improving your sleep quality. Find a trained massage therapist who has experience in providing prenatal massage.

Take to your therapist to find out which could be the most comfortable position for you. You can enroll in massage therapy whenever you want. Women with pregnancy insomnia 5 weeks might not get such massages.  But it can definitely start after your first trimester of pregnancy.

Some people find comfort in lying down on a table while some want to prefer side lying.

Prenatal massage does easy soothing strokes to relax the body and mind. Sometimes these therapies include gentle rubbing of essential oils which do have calming effects.

There are different types of massage therapy you can opt for. The techniques include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage, etc.

Since pregnant women have to go through unbearable stress and mood swings, a relaxing massage can definitely help with that. Studies also suggest that future mothers have felt better and able to sleep after enrolling in massage therapy.

Acupuncture helps secrete melatonin which is immensely helpful to reduce insomnia. It is a unique kind of traditionally used Chinese medicine that includes inserting thin needles into your body. An acupuncturist will use these needles on certain points of the body to stimulate energy flow.

That being said, you should definitely discuss with your acupuncturist about your pregnancy. This is very important to determine which points should get the most attention. However, acupuncture is a completely safe process during pregnancy even if there are needles involved.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT is a quite effective approach to treating insomnia during pregnancy. It is based on the unique idea that most of your mental health problems come from outside sources. So, if you can control your thought process, you can cure your mental issues.

CBT is a common technique advised by doctors since it is a safe treatment. In this therapy, you don’t need to take any medications that might not be the best for you. You just need to make some necessary changes in your sleep schedule or sleep environment.

You need to stop using your smartphone, laptop, or anything that involves blue lights before going to bed. The more you reduce your screen time, the more sleep you can have. The room you sleep in should be dark and devoid of noise.

You will also need to maintain a regular sleep schedule. This means that you have to go to bed at a certain time each night. Some therapists might also suggest breathing exercises that help relax the muscles.

If you want to sleep tight during your pregnancy period, you need to stay active throughout. Patients with pregnancy insomnia 8 months can get good results with regular exercises. In case you are suffering from frequent anxiety, you can definitely get help from that.

You cannot engage in hard-core exercises during pregnancy. But you can definitely take part in activities like swimming or walking. With regular exercise, your body will get tired enough and it will help you sleep.

The human body doesn’t do so well if you rest it throughout the day. Just because you’re pregnant right now, doesn’t mean you are made of glass. Taking a walk here and there won’t harm you or your baby.

However, you must make a routine for doing some exercises. You need to decide for how long you should exercise. Studies have shown that exercising one hour a day will be enough for a pregnant woman.

Additionally, make sure that you are getting some sunshine when you are walking or stretching. You can do meditation as well because it helps calm the nerves and reduce stress in the process.

 Pregnancy can alter your sleep routine and quality. Since you should not take sleeping medications for sleeping as a pregnant woman, you can try natural remedies. Don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor if you still find it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep.

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