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Join me for Uncovering the Secrets to Longevity: Live Beyond the Norms Many of us desire to live long, healthy and fulfilling lives. Fortunately, learning how to achieve LONGEVITY is within your reach! —>>Learn key strategies for living a longer and healthier life at Uncovering the Secrets to Longevity: Live Beyond the Norms! Three major factors influence longevity: genetics, environment and lifestyle. The degree to which these factors affect longevity is still being debated, and most likely, it depends on a combination of all three. Although you can’t change your genetic makeup, and certain environmental factors may be out of your control, you CAN make several lifestyle choices to increase your longevity. There are many low-risk lifestyle behaviors and habits that have the potential to boost your longevity significantly. If you want to live a long and healthy life, think about adopting the following healthy habits for longevity: + Eat a healthy diet:  A nutritious diet provides energy while decreasing your chances of developing diabetes, cancer, and other chronic diseases. + Regularly engage in physical activity:  Regular exercise lowers your risk of developing various chronic diseases, eases anxiety, and enhances sleep. + Get enough sleep:   Being well-rested can reduce your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and anxiety and speed up your recovery from illness. + Learn to manage stress effectively:  Chronic stress can negatively affect the body, increasing your risk of developing chronic illnesses, and lowering your life expectancy. + Don’t smoke or quit smoking:  Whether you quit smoking at 30, 45, or even 60, doing so dramatically reduces your risk of developing chronic lung and cardiovascular diseases and cancers. + Drink moderately or consume less alcohol:  Moderate drinking involves having no more than one drink for women per day and no more than two for males per day. + Participate in social activities:  Make sure to prioritize time with friends and loved ones because even helping others can benefit your health. + Keep your mind active:  A sharp or active mind is instrumental in lowering one’s risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other cognitive impairments. + Take supplements that support healthy aging:  Vitamins and minerals can help if you’re lacking certain nutrients, and antioxidants can help stop free radical damage at the cellular level, promoting a longer and healthier life. —>>Learn about the science of healthy aging  ​​ at the Uncovering the Secrets to Longevity: Live Beyond the Norms Summit! Chris Burres has expertly curated a gathering of over 50 thought leaders – including doctors, researchers, genetic testing experts, biohackers and NY Times bestselling authors – who are revolutionizing our understanding of graceful aging. By attending, you will gain valuable insights on how to thrive in your later years and discover practical tips to boost your longevity. I look forward to seeing you there! Be sure to mark your calendar for February 26 – March 3, 2024! Warm regards, Val P.S. Register now for Uncovering the Secrets to Longevity: Live Beyond the Norms, and you’ll also unlock early-access interviews, complimentary guides and helpful eBooks about living a long and resilient life!

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