No Repeat Full Body Weight Training For Over 40’s | beginner friendly | Unedited Workout

Elevate your fitness game and sculpt lean muscle with this no-repeat Full Body weight training session you can do with just a set of dumbbells. This session is suitable for all fitness levels.

If you don’t fancy doing the warm up then you can simply skip to the workout itself.

During this workout, I used a set of 5kg/11lbs, 7kg/15.5lbs & 10kg/22lbs dumbbells but you may want to use something lighter or heavier depending on your fitness and strength level.

Complete the no-repeat circuit with 40 secs work/20 secs rest

1️⃣Dumbbell Squat (10kg/22lbs)
2️⃣Alt DB Clean & Press (7kg/15.5lbs)
3️⃣Single Leg Deadlift one side (10kg/22lbs)
4️⃣Single Leg Deadlift one side (10kg/22lbs)
5️⃣Dumbbell Shoulders Elbow To Knee ( 5kg/11lbs)
6️⃣Squat Then Dumbbell Swing ( 5kg/11lbs)
7️⃣Alternating Biceps Curl (10kg/22lbs)
8️⃣Lunge Knee Drive & Press one side ( 5kg/11lbs)
9️⃣Lunge Knee Drive & Press one side ( 5kg/11lbs)
🔟Alt Bent Over See Saw Row (7kg/15.5lbs)
1️⃣High Knee With Body Twist March (7kg/15.5lbs)
2️⃣Overhead Triceps’ Ext (10kg/22lbs)
3️⃣Figure 8 Squats ( 5kg/11lbs)
4️⃣High Knee Raiser One Side ( 5kg/11lbs)
5️⃣High Knee Raiser One Side ( 5kg/11lbs)
6️⃣Squat to Front Raise (7kg/15.5lbs)
7️⃣Static Lunge DB pass DB Around Front Leg one side ( 5kg/11lbs)
8️⃣Static Lunge DB pass DB Around Front Leg one side ( 5kg/11lbs)
9️⃣Alt One Leg Deadlift With Rear Leg Raise (7kg/15.5lbs)
🔟Alt Wide Lateral Lunge (7kg/15.5lbs)
1️⃣Side Bend to Deadlift one side (7kg/15.5lbs)
2️⃣Side Bend to Deadlift one side (7kg/15.5lbs)
3️⃣Alt Arnold Press (7kg/15.5lbs)
4️⃣2 x 2 Squats The High Knees (10kg/22lbs)
5️⃣Upright Row to Calf Raise (7kg/15.5lbs)
6️⃣Deadlift to Reverse Fly ( 5kg/11lbs)
7️⃣See Saw Shoulder Press ( 5kg/11lbs)
8️⃣Squat to Tri Ext one side ( 5kg/11lbs)
9️⃣Squat to Tri Ext one side ( 5kg/11lbs)
🔟DB Swing (7kg/15.5lbs)
*Workout Complete 🔥Burn 343 calories
**Total Calories burned will vary depending on your body composition, workout intensity and also fitness level.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:50 – Warm Up
04:34 – Commence Workout
35:26 – Cool Down
40:00 – End of Video

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I am a qualified Advanced Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach specialising in Weight Loss Transformations. I post low impact workouts for Weight Loss & Toning! Burn calories and reach your step goal in the comfort of your own home. These are indoor workouts anyone can do!

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Enjoy the workout

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