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In this video I present Green Juice Recipe made with parsley, cilantro, lemon and apple. This well balanced homemade juice is excellent for detox and cleanse thanks to the herbs and it also helps with weight loss and is a part of healthy diet as it helps with body alkalization. I show how to make it in easy and simple way. Using nutritious ingredients such as cilantro and parsley in you juice will help you consume more nutritious green vegetables without this annoying to some people feel of the “grass chewing” – drinking half bunch of parsley and cilantro in one juice serving is easier than eating all of that at once and it can create even such seemingly unrelated benefit as a skin glow.. Although all those health benefits sound great you have to remember that it takes more than drinking a juice once in a while and that you have to follow your new healthy lifestyle (or diet) to achieve sustainable and long lasting change.

The juicer used in video:

Ingredients needed:
2 apples
2 lemons
1 bunch parsley
1 bunch cilantro

Instructions and tips:
Wash all those ingredients very well. It would be great if you could use organic fruits and vegetables for juicing as they have typically less pesticide residue and are more likely to have higher nutrition value. If you can’t afford organic stuff then remember it is still waaaay better to use any fresh fruits and vegetables than skipping it altogether in favor of highly process food. Another great tip is that if you find in your store only old or not so fresh organic produce and really fresh conventional one then go for conventional. Freshness over the certificate. Peel lemons off. Don’t peel apples (if you have organic or non-sprayed ones) as there is lots of vitamins in the near surface just under the peel part of apples. Make sure that you have good quality organic apples as if they are conventional then they are sprayed heavily with pesticides and it changes balance of benefits and disadvantages strongly… Just cut them in smaller pieces. Cut off the bottom ends of parsley and cilantro. First start juicing lemon. Next couple of pieces of apple and then leafy herbs. When you start juicing from more watery ingredient in the begin and leave more fibrous ones for the end then the fiber will help to flash out remaining juice stocked in the juicer (in-between mechanical parts). If you have to store your juice for later make sure you that you will completely fill out the container with liquid and don’t leave too much air inside. This way it will keep fresh taste and some of its nutrients. Fresh juice oxidize very fast and that’s why it is better if there isn’t too much air inside the container. Fresh juice is a great addition to a healthy diet because it can be used as a detox or help you lose weight when used properly. It’s a great example of a raw diet. Hope you like my juice recipe and as always Bon Appetit!

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