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Plymouth people who are sick or injured can benefit from special treatments at the newly opened Plymouth Oxygen Centre. The family-owned business, located in Stonehouse, offers accessible and affordable hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

Bogdan and Cristina Buflea, who run the business, say the treatments have been proven to help speed up recovery times from injuries, fatigue, sleep issues and general illnesses including long Covid.

The treatment increases oxygenation, blood flow, circulation, and strengthens the immune system, reducing swelling and pain. Plymouth Oxygen Centre also offers non-invasive, natural treatments that are effective for bone breaks, fractures, tissue damage, and muscular problems.

It can also help with a wide range of wellbeing issues, such as anti-aging, skin conditions, and circulation issues. Bogdan and Cristina’s oxygen centre journey started back in 2011 when a member of their family was diagnosed with both cancer and diabetes.

Bogdan said: “Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments produce impressive results, showing significant increases in recovery times from medical issues such as muscular damage and bone breaks. The treatment also helps with fatigue, sleep related issues and even Long Covid.

“For the last twenty years, this treatment has been a tried and tested route for elite athletes looking to speed up recovery after injury. The difference now is that this treatment is much more accessible and affordable to the general public. This treatment is well known across the world and has been proved without doubt that it works. However, there’s a reason why the NHS don’t offer this service and that’s because it’s simply too expensive to buy the equipment in the first place.”

Bogdan purchased what’s called a soft oxygen chamber (tent style chamber) and he said the results showed a significant improvement on both illnesses.

After an exhaustive period of research, Bogdan and Cristina invested heavily in the equipment needed to open the oxygen centre in Plymouth and today they operate with impressive results of their own.

At the Oxygen Centre, they’ve made this treatment accessible for the wider public and not just for elite athletes, although their client base does include team members from Plymouth Albion.

Customers report better sleep and increased energy levels after treatment. With prices starting at £45, the Oxygen Centre is an affordable investment in one’s health.

Plymouth Oxygen Centre can be found at 29 Corporation Road, or you can email [email protected].

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