Prenatal Yoga Benefits: Eases Back Pain, Prepares You For Labour and Enables Better Sleep – Prenatal Yoga Benefits: Eases Back Pain, Prepares You For Labour and Enables Better Sleep

From the time a woman conceives to giving birth, she undergoes many changes physically and emotionally. The emotional state of the mother is most important during pregnancy. Introduction of Yoga in pregnancy is a wonderful tool to regulate your nervous system. Yoga means union of mind and body. It is a holistic approach to life. The physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social dimensions are dealt with in such a way that one develops a greater awareness and understanding of one’s own being at these levels. Yoga connects the mother to her unborn baby in the womb. Practising Yoga helps in building confidence, balance and harmony for the overall wellbeing and attitude.

Although there are various benefits of yoga, but amongst them the main benefits of prenatal yoga as told by Ms. Sonia Rai Vaid, Lactation Expert, Prenatal Yoga Trainer and Childbirth educator are:

Reduces pain and anxiety during pregnancy

Prenatal yoga teaches a pregnant mother how she can adapt to the changes of the pregnancy and life after birth with the baby. If she is concerned or fearful about the process of childbirth, yoga helps manage fear and anxiety by bringing the awareness from an imaginary future to the present. The various changes happening in her body causes aches and discomfort such as back pain, practising yoga helps in managing these discomforts.

Increases strength and stamina

Birth process is like an intense workout, so you need a lot of strength and stamina to go through the phases of labour. Practising yoga helps in increasing the endurance that is required during labour as well as stretching helps in keeping the joints of the pelvis free from any stiffness. It also helps in decreasing the swelling(oedema) and improves the circulation of blood. The flow of blood to the various organs and nadis helps in the effective functioning.

Helps in digestion and improves sleep

During pregnancy all the organs make space for the baby, due to which they get less space to function. Prenatal yoga poses help in making some space in the abdominal area which helps in digestion. This stretching helps in improving the flow of blood in the nervous system which results in better sleep.

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Connecting with your unborn baby

When you are connected with your body, it helps in supporting the baby in the process of birth. Labour is intense and means “hard work” and most women approach labour with fear. Yoga during pregnancy helps the mother prepare her body physically and mentally to face the birthing time. This bonding between the baby and mother makes the baby believe that the world is a safe place, this is the beginning of formation of trust.

The pranic energy is heightened during pregnancy

Practising Pranayama helps in regulating your nervous system with awareness of your breath. Pranayama means expansion of prana, the life force that drives us. A simple example to explain prana is that when you switch on a light, you can’t see the electric current but you can see the light of the bulb. In the same way you can’t see the prana but you feel the energy after doing yoga and pranayama. It helps in calming the mind and makes you more aware of inward balance.

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