Quick Neck And Shoulder Yoga Routine in Five Minutes

Welcome to Bend with Bry!

This will be a quick neck and shoulder routine in just five minutes. In this series of 5 minute flows we’re going to be focusing on individual body parts so you can add that extra focus to sore or tight areas with minimal time investment. Consistency is everything!

Today’s flow is focused on neck and shoulders with a great mix of active and passive stretches.

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00:00 Neck Rolls
00:13 Neck Stretch
00:43 Shoulder Stretch- Lift/Lower with Clasped Hands
01:08 Arm Circles
01:51 Flow- Neck Rolls to Shoulder Stretch to Arm Circles
02:38 All Fours Shoulder Twist
03:23 Flow- Childs Pose to Shoulder Roll
04:37 Arm Swings
05:02 Seated Shoulder Stretch

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