Screenings that Save: Preventing Liver Cancer

Liver cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world. In India, liver cancer is the tenth most frequently occurring cancer. Risk factors that contribute to this disease include chronic alcohol consumption, history of Hepatitis B and C virus infections, inherited liver disease, cirrhosis and obesity. In spite of HBV vaccines being available worldwide, global epidemiological trends show that liver cancer cases are on the rise with national, regional, or population specificities. With cancer symptoms being virtually uncontrollable in the advanced stages of this disease, early detection among high-risk individuals is essential to reduce the burden of liver cancer worldwide.
Columbia Global Centers | Mumbai and the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center held a critical discussion around the screening, early diagnosis and prevention of liver cancer. Our panel of experts discussed and analyzed the global liver cancer burden and elucidated effective and targeted prevention strategies to control liver cancer in India and the world.

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