The Best 10 Cancer Fighting Foods

The best 10 cancer fighting foods that cut off blood supply to cancer cells. [Subtitles]

Cancer is a disease where some of the cells in your body get damaged and lose their ability to die as part of their usual cycle.

These damaged cells start to grow uncontrollably and then spread to other parts of the body, growing tumours which can threaten your life.

There are various reasons that your cells begin to malfunction, such as radiation, chemicals sprayed on our food, genetic defects and consuming too much sugar.

In today’s video we will explore the top 10 cancer fighting foods. These have been carefully selected to help cut off blood supply to cancer cells, strengthen your immune system, and help your liver to detox cancer causing substances from your body.

1. Garlic
2. Broccoli Sprouts
3. Cruciferous Vegetables
4. Peppers
5. Celery
6. Ashwagandha
7. Black Seed Oil
8. Tomatoes
9. Herbs & Spices
10. Green Tea

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