The BEST Macros To Get Jacked

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If you’re in a deficit then dialing in your specific macros becomes more important since you just have fewer calories to work with in general. (Though this of course depends on just how low your calories are and how lean you’re trying to get)⁣

However in a calorie surplus, macronutrient ratios aren’t not something the majority of average lifters need to worry about.⁣

As long as your overall calories are in the proper range and you’re getting enough protein on your bulking diet, the way the rest of your macros are distributed probably isn’t going to matter much if at all in the big picture when it comes to building muscle while staying lean.

Not to mention that tracking exact macros every single day is a far more involved process and likely won’t be a sustainable for the majority anyway.⁣

As far as specific numbers go, it’s much easier, for example, to just aim for 2800 calories and a minimum of 170g protein versus having to nail down *precisely* 200g protein/300g carbs/90g fat (or whatever) every single day.⁣

Not everyone even needs to specifically count calories, but if you are actively trying to gain muscle in a surplus and are going to track things, total calories + protein will be sufficient.⁣

Obviously if you do want to track exact macros and you prefer the structure that it provides, that’s fine too.⁣

Also this one is not a “call out”/critique video… there’s nothing wrong with the macros laid out here. But it’s become very clear that if a video is done in a reaction style then people are just far more likely to pay attention 😂⁣

Credit: @logyfoote⁣
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