The CrossFit-Beloved NoBull Sneakers Just Got a Reflective Update

As a health and wellness writer, I receive many, many sneaker launch pitches. Sometimes they feature notable improvements in innovation, like supportive-yet-cloud-like midsole cushioning or a water-repellent finish, that capture my attention. But often, it’s just a new colorway, and the pitch gets archived for later (or never, TBH). After all, how game-changing can a new color option really be? Well, in the case of NoBull’s newest addition to its Reflection Collection, very.

Enter: the NoBull Dark Grey Reflective Collection, which spans five of the brand’s styles including the Knit Runner ($169), Mesh Runner ($149), Runner+ ($189), Ripstop Runner ($149), and the all-new Ripstop Trainer ($139). While reflective material isn’t a totally brand-new concept for NoBull, the Dark Grey collection is, without a doubt, the most reflective color the brand offers. (Though, the Opal Iridescent and Royal Iridescent are close seconds and thirds.)

If you’re someone who likes to sweat outdoors—and especially if you’re a runner who hits the roads early in the morning or late at night—the NoBull Dark Gray Reflective Collection might very well be everything you’ve ever been hoping for. After all, there’s nothing more important than staying visible when passing cars are flying by—and the NoBull Dark Gray Reflective Collection makes it a whole lot more fashionable (and comfortable) than donning an old-school reflective vest.

If you’re looking for this convenient innovation to last for many workouts, two shoes in the collection feature NoBull’s Ripstop material: the Dark Grey Reflective NoBull Ripstop Runner and Ripstop Trainer. According to the brand’s site, “Ripstop material is durable, lightweight, and easy to clean.” It’s a tightly woven, cross-hatched fabric that, as the name implies, is resistant to rips and tears. Because of this, the shoes are built to stand up to scuffs and snags. If you prefer less constrictive silhouettes, the mesh and knit styles may be a better fit (though keep in mind that the Knit Runner is the least reflective of the bunch).

TL;DR: The NoBull Dark Grey Reflective Collection can enhance not only your performance, but also your safety. Plus, they look pretty dang cool in the right light.

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