The most underrated natural therapy? The magic of Castor Oil – with Dr. Marisol

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Expert Discusses the Benefits of Castor Oil as a Home Remedy for Natural Therapy

“[Music], foreign [music], foreign [music], [music]. Thank you [music], foreign [music], foreign [music], [music]. You unlock this door with the key of compassion beyond. It is another world, a world of science, a world of common sense, a world of sanity. He’ll move into Dr. Osborne’s. So hey everybody, welcome to Dr. Osborne’s cell. Today, I’ve got a special guest with me. We’ve got Dr. Marisol, Queen of the Thrones, and we’re going to be talking about Castor Oil as a tool for home remedy. There are a lot of uses that it has, and so I wanted to bring on the expert of experts on the topic. By no means am I the expert, so thank you so much, Marisol, for being with me here today and sharing your knowledge. Oh, thanks, Dr. Peter.I just love talking about Castor Oil, Castor Oil packs. It’s just my jam right of the self-care practice Queen.I just feel there’s so much we can do at home, so I love that you’re open talking about this.

The most underrated natural therapy?  The magic of Castor Oil - with Dr. Marisol

Discovering the Medicinal Power of Castor Oil: A Naturopath’s Journey from Skepticism to Advocacy

Now, I know your background in natural naturopathic medicine, and so you were in clinic using Castor Oil for a lot of different things. Can we just start with kind of a historical perspective of what Castor Oil is? Where does it come from, and how did we discover that it could be medicinally used for so many things? Love it, love it. So I’ve been in clinical practice for over a decade, and I just recently closed down my clinic just to move the message about Castor Oil and Castor Oil packs to the world. The reason for me, if I look back, when I first initially thought about Castor Oil, I was thinking about drinking Castor Oil. My mom used to take spoonfuls of Castor Oil weekly to just get her bowels moving. When I was first introduced to the concept of Castor Oil packs, it felt quite woo-woo and impractical. Who would put oil on an organic cotton cloth and expect a physical response?I thought it was just an old wives’ tale or a grandmother’s home recipe that did nothing and wasn’t worth trying.

Naturophath’s personal experience leads to discovery of the healing power of Castor Oil Packs

However, after a decade in the health industry in various capacities, teaching doctors, the topic kept coming up. Natural practitioners recommended Castor Oil packs, and as a patient, I wasn’t feeling better. So, I decided to go back to school, become a naturopath, and in my final year of college, I felt incredibly ill and couldn’t get out of bed.I was dealing with mold sickness, Epstein-Barr virus, PCOS, hormone dysregulation, IBS, and food sensitivities. My gut was completely destroyed, and I was scared. Despite doing all the right things, I couldn’t get better. Then, I remembered what everyone was telling me to do: Castor Oil packs.I thought it couldn’t hurt, and since I was bedridden, I had nothing to lose. The prognosis was that I wouldn’t get back to school for six to nine months, so I may as well try something. Thankfully, I have always been someone who never gives up. So, I sewed up my first Castor Oil pack with an organic cotton bag, like a trade show.

The most underrated natural therapy?  The magic of Castor Oil - with Dr. Marisol

Expert Warns Against Using Plastic Wrap with Castor Oil Packs, Recommends Alternative Method for Maximum Benefits

One of the things that bothered me was the recommendation of Castor Oil packs at the time. People would do like a cloth and then wrap the body with Saran Wrap or plastic wrap. Coming from a background of homotoxicology, the study of toxins in the human system, I really thought that was a bad thing to do with oil. Using plastic around oils is not recommended. So, I wanted to do it differently if I was going to do it. That’s what I did, and when I put the pack on my body, I realized why it was being recommended by so many people.I’ll even go into the history of how far back Castor Oil packs extend. When I put it on my body, it felt like the sky opened up and the angels began to sing. For me, in that moment, when I did that Castor Oil pack, what I realized was this was the issue. Here I was trying to give myself all these wonderful supplements.

Castor Oil Packs Helped Me Relax and Maintain Parasympathetic State for Optimal Health

I was doing great testing, trying to eat great food, trying to exercise the right way, and go to the right treatments. But the issue for me was that I would only have momentary benefit because my body, because of my history, traumas as a child, had a real inability to shift and stay into the parasympathetic state. So, I was constantly in the sympathetic driven, constantly in the stress state.I would do certain things, and it would work for a bit, and then I would go back down, and I would crash. What I saw was that the Castor Oil packs, when I put them on my body, would help my body to relax and maintain.I looked at things like trying to meditate.I was unable to meditate because I would move into a panic attack zone. So, I started using Castor Oil packs during the first month of my care back to health.I used them every two hours, wearing them for an hour and then taking them off for an hour.

Personal Experience With Castor Oil Packs Inspires Creation of Easy-to-Use Therapy for Improved Energy and Digestion

I noticed that my command of my rested state was a lot stronger than initially, and I started shifting from using them every two hours to wearing them overnight. As a result, my digestion, absorption of food, and supplements improved, and my energy systems were all getting on track. However, I couldn’t get away from all the mold because I was living in a molded building and was about to finish school. So, I managed my symptoms and went back to school in three months instead of six or nine months, which was super exciting.I then went back to clinical year and tried to prescribe these packs to everybody, but there was no simple way to do it, and no one wanted to comply. This started my journey on teaching and creating easy-to-use Castor Oil packs so that people could do them.I fell in love with them because they dramatically changed my life.I even researched the history of how far back these packs were used, and that was the coolest part about it.

Castor Oil Packs: A Natural Solution for Mold Illness and Respiratory Issues

The history of the self-care treatment was absolutely fascinating. Mold is a big issue that we see clinically all the time. You know, down on the Gulf Coast, with all the hurricanes and flooding of homes, people don’t realize the dangers of mold. But you were in mold. What do you feel like Castor Oil did for you in that mold to help you recover quicker? Can you talk a little bit about that because I know my audience.A lot of them are in mold or dealing with mold, and they’re thinking, “Do I need to be using a Castor Oil pack?” Well, this is the thing: I grew up in a moldy environment as well, in Northern Ontario. It’s a little bit more damp than South America, where my background is from, because the houses in South America have walls that sweat. You can imagine how wet and damp these countries are, and so respiratory issues and other health problems are always a problem for me and many of my patients as well.

Castor Oil Packs: A Natural Therapy to Improve Sleep and Boost Detoxification

In school, I happened to be in a building that, when it was constructed, was open for multiple years and grew black mold. So, the Castor Oil packs did – which I didn’t realize – was this: because of the shift into the relaxed state, especially when I was doing them at night before going to bed, the Castor Oil pack would move through my skin and target the receptors, the dermatomes, as well as somatic visceral reflexes – the reflexes from the skin to the specific organs of the body – and it would shift and turn on my ventral vagus nerve.”So, it would move me into the parasympathetic state, and within that state, overnight time, especially my sleep, would be improved. My body would actually be able to activate the gallbladder, the liver, detox, lymphatic drainage, both physiologically through hormones and activation and parasympathetic state. But also mechanically with the pack over my liver and over my lymphatic zones, it would actually pump my lymphatic systems with my respiration.

Unlocking the Benefits of Castor Oil Packs for Colon Cleansing and Body Clock Reset

In the morning, I would have an excellent bowel movement because we finalized the pattern in the morning with the colon cleansing. It was all when I started connecting it to what I knew in naturopathic medicine, like the traditional Chinese medicine clock.I realized why because these packs have been used by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners eons ago, where they would use them on joint and implement inflammatory pains. Hippocrates would use them as a general health-promoting path, and we had Pliny the Elder, the emperor’s medicine man to the empresses of Rome, of early Rome, who would be treating fertility hormonal problems again. All types of diseases were dealt with in those times as well, but all of these doctors were using it to reset the body clock and help the body.

The most underrated natural therapy?  The magic of Castor Oil - with Dr. Marisol

The Hour of the Gallbladder: How Sleep and Detoxification are Linked in Castor Oil Therapy

From between the hours of 11 and 1 am is the hour of the gallbladder, and the reason you and I, as functional practitioners, recommend for our patients to get to bed before that time is that the gallbladder is what signals sleep. The drop of the bile signals sleep and also signals like a trumpeter, signals the queen’s arrival.””It signals the detoxification process throughout the entire evening. If we go to bed at 1am, 2am, or 3am, we miss that vital command post at the time when it’s most effective. Let’s get started on our detox and cleansing. Starting with the gallbladder, which coincidentally looks like a trumpet behind the liver, it signals to dump bile during digestion when we eat a fatty meal. So, if you eat a fatty meal, like having some olive oil in your salad, you drop bile to process, digest, and absorb the fats. When it comes to the evening process of detoxification and cleansing, the skin is similar to the digestive tract and mucous membrane.

Castor Oil Compresses: Stimulating Liver Function and Promoting Detoxification

The gut is on the inside, and the skin is on the outside, but it functions much like our insides do. So, when you put fat or Castor Oil, as in a compress, on your liver area, you’re signaling the gallbladder to dump. You’re literally doing the exact same thing, as there are similar receptors on the skin over the liver. This is proven by encephalogram, where we can see dopamine areas light up the same areas that light up when you eat a fatty meal. Light up when you use fatty and oily creams on the skin. It’s like clockwork, and then between 1am and 3am, so many people who are dealing with mold or toxicity or digestive concerns wake up because that’s the hour of the liver. If you’re waking up anytime throughout the night…”Your body’s detoxification, cleansing, and drainage mechanisms are shut down and not functioning optimally. Then, you know from three to five, it’s the hour of the lungs. The heart pumps the circulatory system, but the lungs pump the lymphatic system.

Optimize Your Body’s Natural Healing Processes with Castor Oil Pack Therapy

With a Castor Oil pack over your liver, as you inhale, there’s slight pressure from the pack. You expand your lung capacity and squeeze lymphatics while exhaling. You are literally mechanically pumping your lymphatic system while laying flat, and then again, from five to seven AM, that’s the hour of the colon. We are preparing for the reason people have the best bowel movements of their day when they wake up in the morning. If their body clock and their detoxification, drainage, and cleansing mechanisms are optimized, the Castor Oil pack helps move into a relaxed state and creates the right signals to turn on all of those mechanisms of action. Sleeping throughout the night allows the body’s natural healing processes, which are the liver, detox, lymphatic drainage, and colon cleansing, to work well.

Clearing Mold Toxins with Castor Oil Therapy: A Vital Step in Natural Health Treatment

When dealing with mold, which is a constant 24/7 inhalation and triggering of the immune system, opening up the pathways allows for things to mobilize and clear out of the system instead of the patient increasing their toxic load and feeling worse over time. This helps create an environment where healing can occur until the point where the patient can move out of the environment and change things or do what they can to remediate the mold issue.”So, I just found them fantastic because, you know, our environment is our people. So many people in the natural health industry are dealing with mold toxicity. It’s an extreme problem in the natural health industry.I was just at the Nourishing Traditions and Weston Price conference, and I’m a master of physical exam and clinical practice.I would always smell my patients because there’s actually a smell that patients give off, and you do as well.

Mold Exposure a Common Issue in Natural Health Industry, Confirms Castor Oil Therapy Expert

When I was in Malden, they gave me migraine headaches, so I can pick up a mold patient really quickly. Yeah, right, same, same, exactly the same.I walked into this conference, and I actually came on the third day because I was at our event that you and I go to together.I showed up on the third day, and when I walked into the room, there were thousands of people. In this event, I walked into the room, and this is a new building, so there was no mold in the building. But I walked into this room, and sure enough, immediately, I got triggered.I could smell them all, and I’m like, ‘Wow, it’s the people in the natural health industry. So many of them here in this conference, thousands, they’re all in molded environments living with mold, and it’s all off-gassing from their pores and when they breathe and the clothing they have and their everything.’ So, I was just, you know, with a real confirming factor. That is a big problem with our patients and our people, huge.

Castor Oil Packs: A Low-Risk Solution for Detoxification with Reduced Herxheimer Reaction

Do you find that people who are in mold that are using Castor Oil? Is there a classic detoxification reaction that they have to be concerned with when using Castor Oil? Yeah, well, the most wonderful thing with Castor Oil packs is that there’s a very, very low incidence of any type of reaction. Right, like a Herxheimer reaction is very rare, very, very rare. In fact, what happens with Castor Oil packs is this.””It is probably the most important thing to do at the start of therapy, even before any cleanser detoxification, because it actually reduces the Herxheimer reaction. The Herxheimer reaction is when the body is being moved into doing detox and cleansing practices, but it is still in a sympathetic stress state. That is why things like functional medicine, chiropractic adjustments, resetting the body, and going for massages are really powerful when people are doing cleanses and detoxes, because being in a parasympathetic state reduces the negative response rate.

Understanding the Diagnostic Clues of Castor Oil Therapy for Optimal Health

What we notice is that people will respond negatively, either by hyper-responding, such as getting heart palpitations, or not responding at all, such as not finding their sleeping, pooping, or stress levels improving. These are the three common things that people claim they always experience. If they don’t get those responses or if they hyper-respond, such as experiencing nerve tinglings, which can happen with mold patients, it is also a diagnostic clue for us practitioners to note that our patients likely have problems with hydration and low mineralization. They will require higher electrolytes to move fluids from different compartments in order to move what needs to be moved out of their body. That is the wonderful thing about Castor Oil packs.

The most underrated natural therapy?  The magic of Castor Oil - with Dr. Marisol

Importance of Hydration and Mineralization in Castor Oil Therapy for Effective Results

It is not a negative response, but rather an indicator of hydration status and mineralization, and what patients require to better balance themselves out.”If you don’t respond well to the geocacher pack or if you find yourself irritated by it or not doing well with it, 99% of the time it comes down to hydration and mineral requirements. We’re talking about Castor Oil packs, which are a topical application. Earlier, we talked about how in Tom and Jerry cartoons, Castor Oil was used as a punishment for kids. If you’re talking about topical use, do you recommend oral use at all, or is topical more of a preferred mechanism for it to work? Topical has become my mechanism of action because oral Castor Oil is very aggressive. Pharmacists and doctors recommend Castor Oil for severe constipation, but I’ve stayed away from it because I want to gently stimulate and support my patients and my own body.

Castor Oil Packs: A Game-Changing Tool for Reducing Stress and Inflammation.

I’ve seen that the more you do on a micro level, the greater the macro impact. As long as we can get onto a regular practice that is sustainable, easy, and pleasant, we can experience more shifting over time. Orally, Castor Oil doesn’t taste great, but topically, it feels like a warm hug. It feels so good when you wear your Castor Oil pack that people continue to want to use it because it envelops your body, calms you down, and makes you feel good. They call it a game changer.”I like to not mess with the Castor Oil pack because I feel that it’s such a great tool to move stress and inflammation out of the body. The root cause of all disease is stress and inflammation, so finding out where the stress is coming from, whether it’s mold, gluten, or a food sensitivity, is important. Once you find the stressor, you can reduce the stress while your protocols work faster, and the patient feels better faster.

The most underrated natural therapy?  The magic of Castor Oil - with Dr. Marisol

Castor Oil Packs: The Training Wheels for Your Body’s Natural Healing Process.

I have had patients come from other practitioners who are taking 30, 40, or 50 supplements and don’t even know what they’re taking them for. With Castor Oil packs, I have been able to get patients down to a more sustainable supplement regime and reduce their dosages over time. Consistent use of Castor Oil packs can reduce inflammation and stress, which can improve the function of the parasympathetic nervous system and detoxification, even if the source of toxicity is unknown. It’s like training wheels for the body.”Let’s help your body work as you try to navigate and discover where else you need to make changes in your diet and lifestyle. That’s why initially, naturopathic doctors and functional medical practitioners would do cleanses before anything else. What I’ve been promoting is to start at the beginning with your patients and get it right away the minute something is wrong with the body.

Training Parasympathetic Tone with Castor Oil Packs for Natural Toxin Elimination and Healing

When the body goes into a stress state, all tissues become rigid, everything closes up, and nothing eliminates. This causes the body to hoard toxins, inflammatory factors, and immune complexes, which elevates the toxic load until it becomes unbearable and makes you so sick that you’re unable to move out of bed. That’s why the Castro pack is like training wheels for an Olympian athlete. We have to constantly train parasympathetic tone so that the body can do what it’s meant to do, which is heal and eliminate what isn’t serving it. It’s natural, like cleanliness being next to godliness. Our bodies are meant to eliminate, like when we get a cold or flu with a runny nose. The whole point of that is to move out bacteria, viruses, or allergens that are irritating our mucosal membrane. Diarrhea is also a way for the body to clear out improper food or food sensitivities. The progression of disease occurs more frequently when the body is unable to enter a relaxed state.

Castor Oil Packs: An Essential Tool for Chronic Condition Management and Parasympathetic Modulation

This is why it is imperative, especially for chronic conditions such as cancer, autoimmunity, major mold toxicity, or Lyme disease, to start using Castor Oil packs as soon as possible. The more chronic the condition, the more urgent it is to use these packs to train the system. Regular usage of Castor Oil packs is crucial because patients may only experience parasympathetic modulation during visits to a massage therapist, chiropractor, or acupuncturist. However, it is not feasible to visit these practitioners every day due to cost and lifestyle limitations. Castor Oil packs can be used every day before bedtime, which is the optimal time for the parasympathetic system to be most active for sleep and regeneration. Stress is not necessarily bad, as we need it to function, but we must also have periods of relaxation to maintain balance and rhythm in our lives.

Maximizing the Benefits of Castor Oil Packs: Incorporating Overnight Use for Optimal Health

We are rhythmic beings, and any rigidity can negatively impact our health. That’s where disease comes along, and nighttime is where it’s at, especially if people are working on a regular practice. Ideally, they should wear it overnight, and if overnight is an issue, then at least for one hour in the evening, they’ll get the benefit of wearing it. But it is much more beneficial if you wear it overnight because then you get, of course, the mechanical lymphatic movement. You get a lot more benefit, and there’s more time with the oil and the compress to hug the nervous system and maintain that parasympathetic state. So let’s talk about the people who may be listening that maybe they’re not chronically ill. Maybe they feel really well, and they’re cruising along through life. What are some things that you have found Castor Oil packs to be beneficial for, home remedy style, like constipation or whatever else it might be beneficial for?

Castor Oil Packs: Relieve Bloating, Improve Sleep, and Reduce Stress with Rapid Results

Def the big thing that people always say are three things: I poop better, I sleep better, and I stress less. So those are the main indications of Castor Oil packs. But if you want to get into the nitty-gritty, people will find benefit if they have bloating. Like, you know, 90% of the people will notice a difference in bloating after about, sometimes even as fast as three days. It’s pretty rapid. And again, just as a reminder, if people find they’re not noticing benefit, well, look at the hydration status and look at the mineralization because bloating is a perfect example. Bloating, there’s inflammation in the tissues. Where does water move to? Water is going to turn off the inflammatory fire.”That’s within the tissues, which is a big aspect of bloating on top of an unbalanced microbiome, creating more inflammation. However, there is also inflammation in the tissues and in the omentum. So, we get that feeling and sensation of bloat, causing water to move from compartment number one.

Importance of Hydration and Mineral Intake for Successful Castor Oil Therapy

You need enough water because the body will always protect the tissues. Therefore, you need to have enough water and minerals in your tissues to move it from compartment here to the lumen of the intestine.I know I went a little scientific, but I think it’s important because it’s our number one question at Queen of the Thrones. We get so many people saying how great it works, but we also have a portion of people who say it didn’t help them or they got a bit aggravated. However, it was simply because they didn’t hydrate enough.A great way to get minerals for women is through teas, which are one of our greatest sources of minerals. Just have more tea during the day.I’m sure you recommend some great multi-minerals, electrolytes, and formulas along those lines. The key is that bloating is a big issue, especially with period cramping in women. They have been told not to use castor packs for period cramping, but castor packs do work for period cramping.

Castor Oil Packs: A Natural Remedy for Menstrual Cramps, Constipation, IBS, and Pain Relief

However, you want to be careful because Castor Oil moves smooth muscle. If the first time you do a Castor Oil pack is during a really heavy, hard period, it may cause discomfort.”While you are likely to experience aggravated period flow, if you use Castor Oil packs before or at the end of your period and work up to it, your period pains and cramps are likely to disappear. Most people don’t even experience them. Constipation is a big issue that can be improved by Castor Oil packs as it helps with smooth muscle movement. Castor Oil packs are also beneficial for IBS as they improve functionality and regulate the nervous system. Whether it’s a diarrhea or constipation type of IBS, Castor Oil packs can still have a positive effect. They regulate the parasympathetic response, which can be helpful for stress-related diarrhea and toxin overload-related constipation. Joint pain, low back pain, and sciatic pain are also common reasons why people use Castor Oil packs.

Castor Oil Packs: A Foundation for Alleviating Pain and Inflammation in the Body

It works exceptionally well for any kind of pain, and it is recommended to carry them while traveling to alleviate back pain caused by carrying heavy luggage.”Well, in any situation where there is stress or inflammation on the body, you will experience movement in the right direction. When you use a Castor Oil pack, I consider it a foundation, like food, breath, work, movement, exercise, and taking supplements. Castor Oil packs are one of those foundations that I truly believe everyone in the world should be doing because it changes the game for them. If they have not been responding or getting better, they may feel like they are taking all these supplements and doing all this stuff, but they are not getting over there, they are just stuck here. What would you say? Are there any contraindications for people with certain diseases or situations where they should be cautious and not use it? Are there any medication interactions they should be aware of?

Castor Oil Packs: Safe and Effective Addition to Medications for Optimal Liver and Gallbladder Function

Castor Oil packs are completely safe with medications, and there are no issues at all with any medications. The only concern is that some people may think that gallbladder stones or gallbladder attacks would be a problem with Castor Oil packs or kidney stones because you can use the Castor Oil pack on both. However, Castor Oil relaxes the tissues and muscles and makes the spasms or pains much more tolerable, and it really helps the liver and gallbladder function more optimally. It may even reduce the risk of an initial elevation of liver enzymes or autoimmune markers that I sometimes see on clinical labs. There is an initial elevation as the body settles down, but then there is a decrease, which becomes greater over time. This can happen to people and they sometimes get scared and worried about it. However, it is just a transient elevation due to stimulus.

The most underrated natural therapy?  The magic of Castor Oil - with Dr. Marisol

Castor Oil Packs: Benefits, Contraindications, and Pregnancy Precautions

Number one, the body is starting to eliminate toxins that have been stored in the tissue, and sometimes this can be damaging to liver cells. Autoimmune markers become greater for the same reason. You are starting to move things out of the body. Pregnancy is the biggest contraindication with Castor Oil packs because Castor Oil orally has been used for a long time to induce labor. Castor Oil packs can cause the movement of smooth muscle, which can potentially abort the fetus if done too early in the trimesters. Therefore, it is recommended to stay away from Castor Oil packs during pregnancy. However, doulas and midwives use Castor Oil packs to induce pregnancy, especially when labor is slow to come. The woman won’t experience strong contractions or diarrhea, which can happen with oral Castor Oil.A lot of doulas and midwives are now starting to recommend the actual packs.

Caution Advised: Doulas and Midwives Suggest Waiting Until Due Date for Castor Oil Packs During Pregnancy

On that note, for someone who is pregnant and due any day now, it is important to be cautious with Castor Oil packs. Uh, is this something that would be okay for me to do? Let’s say I’m 38 weeks along or something like that. Not to do it then. So, is there a time frame that you would say doulas and midwives have recommended for using it? Usually, it’s really towards the last weeks of pregnancy when they’re at the point where the baby is fully developed and everything is safe. Most of the time, they tend to save strategies like Castor Oil and Castor Oil packs for the due date and if they’re past their due date. That being said, if you’re followed by your practitioner, there are even some naturopathic doctors like Dr. Dixon Tom and other functional medicine doctors who use Castor Oil packs all through pregnancy with their patients who have been doing Castor Oil packs before. Because their body is tolerant to it, it’s different.

The Benefits and Importance of Practitioner-Guided Castor Oil Therapy for Improved Health and Well-being

If it’s followed by a doctor, things can be prescribed differently rather than if you’re doing it on your own. If you’re with a practitioner who’s knowledgeable about it, you can do things a little bit differently. It’s far-reaching because Castor Oil does so many different things. It works for periods, gallbladder, liver, intestinal cramping, IBS, hormone balance, and sleep problems. But again, the thing with the Castor Oil practice…”It’s not that it’s snake oil, it’s just that it works the basics. It works the basics – the parasympathetic shift – and that parasympathetic shift opens up our pathways of detox, cleansing, and drainage. Once those are open, our level of tolerability of things in our life increases, and we’re able to live a better life. That’s what I love about it. Yeah, I agree.I would get the same thing with the gluten-free diet. It’s a cure-all for everything, sometimes it is, but not always.

Clean Your Filters: The Importance of Quality Materials in Castor Oil Packs

But it’s like when you remove something that’s poisoning you, obviously you’re going to have a greater capacity to tolerate everything else. Exactly. And so to me, it’s just if you cannot clog your filters, I always just look at the body. It’s a big giant filter that helps you navigate the world. And when your filters are dirty and clogged and can’t express, then you’ve got a problem. Yeah, so if we’re oversimplifying it to the end degree, right? Yeah, but that’s exactly the truth. And see, that comes into play, like the quality of the materials that you use with the Castor Oil packs. No different than supplements, right? You look for high-quality supplements when you’re taking supplements because if you’re using low-quality supplements, what happens? Well, you’re not getting the results you’re looking for. You’re getting lots of fillers, you’re getting more stuff than you bargained for, usually unactivated nutrients. And then what happens?

Toxicologist warns of potential harm from low-quality materials used in Castor Oil Therapy

There is that your body has to metabolize. You’re actually using more of your vital force to take these low-quality tools and make it work better. And with Castor Oil packs, it’s something that we really have to open our patients’ eyes to – the quality of the material that they’re using for it.”When I first got into Castor Oil packs, one of my concerns was the way it was recommended. It was hard to find the tools, and they would suggest using any cloth with the oil. They wouldn’t specify whether the oil needed to be in glass or not, and then they would recommend plastic wrap around the body in contact with the oil on the skin. As a toxicologist, I know that toxins bioaccumulate in oils, including hormone disruptors and phthalates. These chemicals can absorb through the skin, and for chemicals to absorb, they require the same environment, which includes a microbiome, heat or light, salt, and fat.

The most underrated natural therapy?  The magic of Castor Oil - with Dr. Marisol

Castor Oil Packs: Creating a Safe and Effective Environment for Detoxification

Our bodies work along these levels, and if we have that mix on our skin, it creates the perfect environment for absorption of toxicity. Many of us look at the labels on our food and search for organic and healthy options, but we need to be aware of the same factors when using Castor Oil packs. But we are not aware of the things that we are putting on our bodies, like our clothing, creams, and the different chemicals that are going into our systems. When I first started bringing Castor Oil packs to market, I was the only one who was talking about them. As a doctor and clinician, I saw patients who were highly toxic and used them for myself.I went to research and find the best materials for the packs. Castor Oil is what you are looking for with Castor Oils. You are looking for it to always be in a glass bottle. Castor Oil is the best carrier oil that exists in the world. So it’s not coconut oil or almond oil, it’s Castor Oil.

Choosing the Right Castor Oil for Effective Natural Therapy

Castor Oil has a super unique structure that absorbs anything that it comes into contact with. They actually think that might be one of the mechanisms of action of the Castor Oil packs. Possibly when it goes into your body, it’s actually binding like a binder for toxins. This isn’t confirmed quite yet, but it’s one of the thoughts of potentially the mechanism of action. So the last thing you want to do is to have Castor Oil at home in a plastic bottle. Please dispose of it because it is not doing you any good. It could potentially be retoxing your system rather than detoxing your system. That’s the first thing. You’re also looking for an oil that is hexane-free and cold-pressed, so it isn’t processed with any chemicals. There are many Castor Oils on the market that are processed with chemicals, which is the same problem. You’re looking for it to be pure and organic because you want the environment that’s been created to be as clean as possible.

Beware of Imitation Castor Oil Packs: Why Investing in Quality Matters

That’s number one with the oil, then the pack. This was something that I was aware of early on, but now I have become more and more aware because, as you know, Castor Oil has become a trend. People are asking about them more, wanting them more, and practicing them more. There have been a lot of imitation and counterfeit Castor Oil packs coming out on the market, and it’s actually been scary because they’re less expensive. They’re catering to people’s desire to get a cheaper product, but you also get what you pay for. They’re less expensive, and some are even priced close to our pack, but we price it very fairly because our materials are very expensive. We use organic, certified cotton on the inside and outside of the pack. We’re using organic cotton, which is bonded with an outside pul layer that is bonded without chemicals, making it a healthier alternative.

The Importance of Proper Disposal and Material Selection in Castor Oil Therapy Packs

It isn’t perfect because it still is plastic, but this is one of the reasons why you dispose of the pack after two months or 30 days of usage, whichever is greater. People want a barrier because when I first sold Castrol packs, I didn’t have a barrier, and no one wanted them because people wanted it to be easier and make less mess. But our products aren’t perfect. It does have that layer, but it doesn’t touch the skin. As long as whatever is touching your skin is organic cotton and thick enough, then that’s good, and you can use it for a period of time. But at one point in time, you want to discard it. The ones that are counterfeit and imitating what we’re using are using green, wash materials that sound really great, like organic bamboo. Peter had been using organic bamboo sheets.I had no idea that organic bamboo carried such a high level of toxins. It sounds great because it’s organic and sustainable, being a renewable plant.

The Truth About Organic Bamboo Fabric: Chemical Treatment and Plastic Fibers

However, bamboo is as strong as steel in construction, so the part that’s organic is growing out of the ground. In order to make it softer than cotton, which is the actual claim of organic bamboo, they have to take the bamboo and break down the cellulose and fibers using 20 to 24 acrostic chemicals. These chemicals do not completely wash off, even though they claim to wash them off. Chemicals get stuck in the matrixes of fibers, no different than they get stuck within our bodies. What they often do is sew these bamboos with other plastic fibers, making it a cheaper type of fabric. So, you have organic bamboo that has been chemically treated, plus a plastic fiber in between. Any type of plastic material, like elastane vinyl, is made with phthalates, which are one of the largest hormone disruptors that exist in our world today. We’re trying to avoid these phthalates, especially if you have hormonal problems or any kind of immune problem, because they corrupt the body and how it functions.

Optimizing Detoxification and Cleansing with Pure Castor Oil – A Must for Effective Natural Therapy

They are forever chemicals that never leave the system. Your detoxification and cleansing functions need to be optimized in order for these chemicals to come out. This is a big reason why I am now truly educated about what it means to get a really great, pure product. Our product isn’t perfect, but it is definitely the best on the market.”You know, based on science and my personal experience with patient practice, I use these packs on myself.I am very careful about what I put into my towel because it is super important. It is concerning, so make sure you purchase the right kind of products that will help you detox and not re-tox. You don’t want to create a problem while trying to fix it. First, do no harm, right? The thing is, this is very common in the industry.

Buyer Beware: Importance of Supporting Sustainable and Ethical Castor Oil Products for Optimal Health Benefits

Practitioners or doctors will come out with lines or products that are super safe and good for people, and patients can feel safe about them. However, once it hits a certain point, companies will come in who don’t really know what the pack is for or understand the mechanism of action and just try to mimic it and imitate it, but they’re imitating it in the wrong ways just to save a dollar. So, buyer beware.I truly believe we can be the cure by buying the change.””I am a firm believer that when it comes to things like our supplements and food, we can be the cure not only for ourselves but for the world by buying the right kind of products. Be the cure, buy the change, and support any companies doing it right. For example, I would much rather buy from a regenerative farmer where I know where the food is coming from and the soil quality, even if it costs me more in the long run. This supports a business that is doing it with the best intentions.

Castor Oil Expert Shares Mission-Driven Approach to Supporting Ethical Companies and Promoting Wellness

If we all did this, imagine the impact it would have on some of these bigger companies that are doing it wrong. The trade-off is illness; you’re trading convenience and cost for damage. As long as you understand that and are willing to approach it that way, just know that’s what’s happening.I believe this to be very true.I try to support companies who are doing it right and who are mission-oriented, driven, and spiritually driven to make the world a better place. My goal now is to constantly innovate because this is my passion. Castor Oil is known as the palm of price, and I feel honored to have been given the gift of becoming an expert in this field and sharing this message of this wonderful oil and these wonderful practices.”I feel so honored and enlightened on my journey. My long-term goal is to look for farms that produce Castor Oil, cotton, and everything else so that we can be the cure at the bottom level.

Investing in the Best Castor Oil and Cotton Farms for Natural Practitioners’ Toolkits: A Game Changer in Healthcare Industry.

We want to buy the farms and create the best cotton and Castor Oil because they are becoming staples in natural practitioners’ toolkits. It requires someone who cares about patients and our profession.I want doctors to have the best to give our patients. For far too long, we have allowed the medical industry to offer toxic products and drugs as a solution. We cannot use the words treat, cure, or diagnose when it comes to Castor Oil or supplements, but we can when it comes to toxic compounds that only mask symptoms. These products prey on people and make them susceptible to needing them for the rest of their lives. Ultimately, their health deteriorates, and they add more toxic compounds to treat the symptoms. In the US, we spent 4.2 trillion dollars on healthcare last year, and I expect a huge return on what I’m promising.”So, if I’m delivering healthcare, what should the return be for the consumer who’s spending that money or for the taxpayers spending that money?

The Flaws in the Health System and the Importance of Consumer Choices in Achieving Better Health Outcomes with Castor Oil Therapy

It should be improvement of health, right? It should be a reduction of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases, and metabolic syndrome, etc. But we don’t have that. We spend 4 trillion dollars and we see more of these diseases. And it’s because the system has many flaws, and I’m not pointing fingers at any one particular person. But ultimately, at the end of the day, the consumer, which is you, I, and everyone else listening to this, has to decide where they’re going to spend their dollar and how they’re going to spend it. Morally, does that align with their values and with the truth?

Empowering Individuals for Long-Term Health with Castor Oil Natural Therapy

Because to me, the ultimate lie is to say, ‘Take this for the rest of your life and it will fix your problem.’ That is a lie, and you can call it treatment whatever you want, but it doesn’t solve the problem. Going back to the old adage of ‘teach a man to fish,’ let’s teach people how to fish and empower them so that they can make intelligent decisions and speak with their dollars and reconnect with the community who’s all like-minded, because we all, I think, want the same things. We want people to have education and be able to make great decisions so that they can bring their gifts to the world because we all have gifts.

Unlocking the Magic of Castor Oil Therapy: Empowering Individuals to Take Control of Their Health

You have the gift of bringing casserole back because, in this area, I’m not an expert, but when I heard some of your information, I thought we’ve got to put this in front of people and get more people to understand that there are benefits to this natural agent.”But we all have gifts, and I think that if people aren’t too busy compensating for their illness or the deterioration of their health, then they will be able to let their gifts shine. And we all benefit from that 100%. Absolutely, amen to that, Peter. What I know is that I have seen too many people taking too many drugs and things that they don’t need. They give their power over to others and let them decide for us when truly our bodies and what God has given us are magical. It has all the tools inside, and all we need to do is practice them regularly, just like in ancient times.

Reviving the Power of Castor Oil Packs for Modern Self-Care and Health Maintenance

There weren’t any drugs back then because they were doing all these practices like Castor Oil packs and fishing for their fish. We need to return to the way things were but modernized. This is my attempt with the Castor Oil pack to modernize an old therapy that is proven to be a foundational health practice and a self-care tool that anyone can do safely. It can even give you indications as to what your body might need, like more water. That’s awesome! The more scientific I tried to get with my patients, the more I needed to go back to the basics. Let’s just go back to the basics because that’s going to be the bigger needle mover at the end of the day. It was, you know, like the work that you do with gluten. Absolutely, you know, like that’s what we did, and I did my clinical practice every day because, and this is the interesting thing, you’re going to love this, I didn’t tell you this, but gluten to me actually isn’t a sensitivity whatsoever.

Importance of Thorough Testing for Gluten Sensitivity in Naturopathic Practice: A Personal Experience with Rice Sensitivity.

Gluten actually feels really good in my body, but probably from genetically where I come from. But you know what the biggest sensitivity is? So, I went to go see five different doctors. No one would test me. No one would test me, and so they kept putting me on cleansing diets. This is why I think gluten testing is so powerful. They put me on cleansing diets, which would always be rice, vegetables, not seeds, all these different things back in the day. Finally, I’m in naturopathic college, and when all this stuff was happening, I was like, “Can someone please test me?I want to be tested.” I finally got tested, and gluten came no problem, but it was rice. Every single time that I would do a cleansing diet or practice, I would feel sicker than ever, and I thought something was really wrong with me. But it was just that the investigation hadn’t been thorough.I hadn’t gone to go check deep enough.

Castor Oil Empowers Individuals to Take Control of Their Health Through the Seven Fundamentals

Fortunately, I was managing things like Castro packs, all these things came to play, but it was great to get tested and then be like, “Ah, okay. Now I can actually do something with this again.”Stop eating the foods that are causing harm because we have absolute power and autonomy to take care of our bodies. We have been given this power as instruments of the Divine, and when we know how to work our bodies, life becomes much more enjoyable. However, with this power comes an absolute obligation to take care of ourselves. It is our responsibility to not give our power of choice over to any doctor. We must do our part first. We define this through the seven fundamentals: eating the right foods, having clean air and water, getting rest and sleep, being active, managing relationships and stress. If we consistently focus on these fundamentals, we can empower ourselves to take care of our bodies. When we falter, we can look to these fundamentals and make adjustments.

Take Responsibility for Your Health with the 7 Principles of Castor Oil Therapy

It is not the doctor’s responsibility to fix us, but rather our own responsibility to follow the blueprint provided by the doctor. So, anyone watching, take responsibility for your own health and well-being.”You have a responsibility to take care of yourself and not give that power to anybody else. But yeah, you know, I love your seven principles because they teach how to position cash packs underneath gastro packs, which are probably underneath that. This helps your food absorb better, reduces inflammation in your gut, improves movement, reduces inflammatory factors, and reduces the build-up of lactic acid after exercise, improving rest and sleep. We covered that a lot, and it really helps to mitigate stress in your life.

Castor Oil Packs: The Initial Win for Gut Health and Overall Wellness

Just knowing this is where I found, you know, I was like, ‘Wow, this is all the things that I’m doing with my patients on these Castor Oil packs.’ Initially, in my practice, I would have people do it right before the detox, but I realized that if I could get patients to do Castor Oil packs right at the beginning, and then start working on their gut and reducing inflammation and stress, my world would open up. The biggest bonus is that when you feel better, you do better. Giving patients and people that initial win with the Castor Oil pack is important because exercise is a lot of work before you feel the benefits, and eating well is a lot of work before you feel a benefit from supplements, water, and all those things. But if you can get that initial win and then move into it, that’s where I fell in love with the packs and made my career about it.I feel motivated, and even greater still, I’m sure I’m going to get into materials and clothing and all those types of things.

Castor Oil Advocate Dr. Marisol Teaches on Natural Health and Sustainable Fashion

I’m going to open up the conversation there too because no one is really speaking about it, and it’s probably my next journey in life.””Well, it’s definitely needed.I think we need more attention paid to the synthetics that most of us are wearing simply because there are no options. Organic cotton is an option, but it shrinks after a wash, leaving you with a half t-shirt. It’s so true that there have to be better options.I’m looking forward to you diving into that realm. Awesome, awesome, thanks. This has been so great, sharing everything you know. Where can we send people to find you?I know you have a blog and an educational platform. On Instagram, my company is @QueenoftheThrone, and my personal handle is @CellHealthWell.I’m all about advocating for people to buy the right things and sell the right way if you’re a practitioner, so I like to teach on both ends. Everything should always be a win-win-win for everybody in the world. Of course, our website is QueenoftheThrones.

The Dr. Osborne Zone Introduces the Benefits of Castor Oil Therapy for Detoxification

com, where everyone can get more information about Castro packs. We have cool quizzes you can do, and we can even provide a quiz link below so people can understand their detoxification mechanisms better and find the right pack for them. Thanks for tuning in to the Dr. Osborne Zone.”Don’t forget to share, like, and subscribe for more content like this. Also, make sure you come back next Tuesday at 6 PM Central Standard Time and Thursday at 12:30 PM for more episodes and music. Thank you.

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