The Power of Fasting: Boost Health with Medical Supervision | Steve Hendricks

In this interview, author and health enthusiast Steve Hendricks shares his experience with fasting and how it helped improve his neurological and psychiatric illnesses. He also discusses the history of fasting, its incorporation into religion and medicine, and the different types of fasting. Hendricks emphasizes the importance of medical supervision, especially for prolonged fasts, and explains the benefits of fasting for better health. He recommends starting small, gradually shrinking the eating window, and eating all food within six to eight hours in the morning and early afternoon for better nutrient processing.

Key Points:
*Fasting can benefit health, but medical supervision is essential, especially for prolonged fasts. 
*There are different types of fasting, including water fasting, intermittent fasting, and juicing. 
*The timing of meals is important for overall health.

About Steve Hendricks
Steve Hendricks is a freelance reporter and the author of two previous books, one of which, The Unquiet Grave: The FBI and the Struggle for the Soul of Indian Country, made several best-of-the-year lists. He has written for Harper’s, Outside, Slate, and the Washington Post. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife, a family law professor, and his dog, a border collie cross.

The Oldest Cure in the World, published by Abrams Press, is about the history and science of fasting and my own experiences with the practice. The book grew out of a cover story I wrote for Harper’s a decade ago—a long gestation that I hope has yielded a more complete and livelier chronicle of fasting than has been told before. In addition to the North American and UK hardback, ebook, and audiobook, which were published in the fall of 2022, a Spanish edition will be published in May 2023, and a Bulgarian edition will follow. To learn more, click here.

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