The Top 5 Food Mistakes Most Teens Make and How to Fix Them

Pizza or pasta? Steak, chicken or beans? Whole milk or 2%? This lively program focuses on teen nutrition and helps students understand the five biggest food mistakes made by most teenagers. Teenage on-camera hosts use to help students understand portion sizes and food group servings.

A nutrition expert demonstrates easy solutions to the five food mistakes:

Not eating enough fruits and vegetables
Not eating enough whole grain and lean protein
Eating too much salt
Eating too much sugar
Eating too much bad fat
Students learn how to read nutrition labels, how to shop for fresh produce, and how to prepare quick and healthy meals. A third section demonstrates do-it-yourself food prep recipes that offer healthier options than fast food or vending machines.

The program comes complete with a comprehensive Teacher’s Resource Book and Differentiated Lesson Plan that includes, great recipes, a health survey and extension activities to keep teens engaged long after they view the video.

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