Tracy Lawrence Says Leaving A Major Record Label Feels Like “Going Through A Detox”

Tracy Lawrence has some thoughts about what it feels like to leave a major record label.

On a recent episode of his TL’s Road House podcast, Lawrence reflected on his career and rise to fame as a 90s Country star with fellow artist Jelly Roll, comparing the decision to leave a major record label to “going through a detox.”

“The world that I came from, it was really hard stepping out of it. It’s almost like going through a detox when you leave a major label, ‘cuz I was on a major [label] for a long time,” Lawrence said. 

“I mean, I spent 10 years on Atlantic, and then a little time on Warner Brothers, went to DreamWorks, had a couple of huge hits over there, and then DreamWorks got bought out by Universal. I got bounced over there, had a really awful relationship there, it was nasty. Didn’t like the label head at all, and comin’ off that, you feel like your career is done. Because I had been used to having hit records on the radio.”

“And over the last several years, I’ve found that your career can continue to blossom if you stay engaged and stay in touch with your fan base. And with all these new tools that we have, you don’t have to disconnect from all that,” he continued.

Lawrence also had some thoughts on artistry and how fans can tell whether or not an artist is being genuine or “bullsh**ting them.”

“I believe that music fans, if they find something of yours that they like, if they’re a fan of your style, your voice, whatever it is about you that they love, they will go through your entire body of work. And they will follow you, because they connect with something about you,” he shared.

“And I think that goes back to having charisma and likability and whatever it is that makes you connect with people out there. And I think there are more people that feel like you and I, that are burnt out on the mainstream media and the scripted crap going on out in the world. I believe people just wanna see the real thing, man. And they know if you’re bullsh**ting them, too.”

Besides reflecting on leaving a major label and genuine artistry, Lawrence recently released a trilogy of albums called Hindsight 2020 beginning with Vol 1: Stairway to Heaven Highway to Hell in 2021. Lawrence decided to release the project as a way to celebrate his 30th anniversary of making Country music.

Lawrence’s second album in the trilogy, Vol 2: Price of Fame, dropped in August 2021, with the final installment, Vol 3: Angelina, being released last January.

Lawrence is also gearing up to hit the road on tour starting on Feb. 4 at the Silver Saloon in Terrell, Texas. He’ll play a few other shows, including Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots’ 6th Million Dollar Show on Feb. 21 in Nashville and a handful of dates with Clay Walker in March.

“I’ll be back out on the road in a few weeks, and I can’t wait to see y’all! Have you gotten your tickets?,” Lawrence wrote in an Instagram post ahead of the tour.

Fans who want to see Lawrence on tour this year can view and purchase tickets HERE.

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