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The situation is exactly the same in Europe, where Omicron BA.2, BA.4 and BA.5 are the current “variants of concern.” BA.1 isn’t even a “variant of interest,” which is the next-lower categorization. It’s on the list of “de-escalated variants,” which is based on a variant meeting one or more of the following criteria:8

“(1) the variant is no longer circulating, (2) the variant has been circulating for a long time without any impact on the overall epidemiological situation, (3) scientific evidence demonstrates that the variant is not associated with any concerning properties.”

In short, BA.1 is of no concern in Europe either, as it’s not in circulation and/or because it doesn’t cause severe illness. The same goes for the original Wuhan strain, which has long since mutated out of existence.

Vaccinating Against Rapidly Mutating Viruses Is a Bad Idea

Coronaviruses mutate very rapidly in general, and the mRNA jabs are based on a surface protein (the spike protein), which is the most rapidly mutating portion of the entire virus. What happens when you vaccinate against a rapidly mutating virus? You encourage it to mutate even faster, and to develop immune-evading properties.

This is what we’ve been witnessing since the beginning of the COVID jab campaign, and at this point, there’s no hope of ever catching up with the virus. What’s worse, while variants have so far evolved into milder strains, they are in fact gaining the ability to evade antibodies, and could theoretically switch course to become more pathogenic.9

This is particularly true when a vaccine is “leaky,” meaning it doesn’t fully prevent infection (which none of the COVID shots do). Just like when you overuse an antibiotic that fails to eradicate the bacteria, which allows antibiotic-resistant bacteria to flourish, overuse of a leaky vaccine can pressure a virus to become more lethal.10 11

BA.4 and BA.5 are the most resistant to date, with BA.5 circumventing the immune systems even of those with natural immunity.12 Fortunately, it doesn’t appear to cause severe illness in most people.

The take-home here is that had natural immunity been allowed to take place without these jabs, the pandemic would be over and reinfections near-nonexistent. Instead, we’re now in a pandemic of the vaccinated, with the vast majority of serious COVID infections occurring among those who have been jabbed.13 14

We know that Pfizer was aware of this possibility, as “vaccine-associated enhanced disease (VAED)” is listed as an “Important Potential Risk” in Table 5 on page 11 of a document called “5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports.”15 This document was part of the FOIA required and court-ordered batch released by the FDA April 1, 2022.

How Long Will the Bivalent Booster Protect You?

According to Moderna, the bivalent Spikevax “demonstrates potent neutralizing antibody response against Omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5.”16 They made the same claim for the original COVID jab, back in January 2021,17 and by August 2021, they admitted the neutralizing antibodies generated lasted only six months after the second dose.18

How long will the bivalent jab “be effective” (and I use that term loosely)? Who knows, but the way things are trending, six months would probably be the max. In Germany, citizens must now get a booster every three months to qualify as “fully vaccinated,”19 as rapidly waning immunity has become accepted fact, and that’s probably where we’re all headed.

Germans who haven’t received all of their boosters will be subject to mask mandates and other COVID restrictions this fall. This, despite deep criticism from businesses tasked with confirming their customers’ status. As reported by the Rise Align Ignite Reclaim (RAIR) foundation:20

“Businesses have voiced great concern about further regulatory chaos in the struggling economy. ‘The plans are simply not feasible,’ said the general manager of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga), Ingrid Hartges, the Handelsblatt. ‘We cannot constantly check whether our guests are vaccinated, recovered, or tested.’

These people are exempted from the obligation to wear masks in restaurants or events under certain circumstances — if the vaccination, for example, is within the last three months. ‘But you can’t tell from the guest in the restaurant what status they have,’ says Hartges. ‘Like when he goes to the bathroom — should the staff always ask if he’s vaccinated?’ she said. ‘That’s nonsense.’”

Bivalent Jab Will Not Undergo Additional Testing

It’s important to realize that these “next-gen” boosters will not undergo any additional safety testing.21 22 They’re being rolled out under a new fast-track standard where ingredients can be swapped out without additional testing.

This is the standard protocol for seasonal flu vaccines. However, we’re now using an entirely new type and essentially untested technology. There’s no telling whether variations in the spike mRNA being injected might produce vastly differing side effects. They could potentially have differing toxicities, but that’s not being investigated.

Also, remember that the “efficacy” they’re referring to is only based on measurements of antibody titers, which tells us nothing, really, about its ability to prevent infection, severity of illness or death. Why?

Because antibodies form only a part of your immune response, and they’re not even the most important. It is far more likely that your innate immune system — your first line of defense — will destroy a virus before your adaptive immune system even has a chance to respond and create antibodies.23

It is important to understand that no vaccine improves your innate immune response. All vaccines are ever able to do is address your adaptive humoral immune system and create antibodies. Your innate immune system has T cells that can directly kill viruses. If you happen to have a vigorous T cell response, you’ll be protected even if your antibodies are low. So, antibodies are not a necessary measure of immunity.

Antibody titer levels are what’s called a “surrogate outcome.” It’s a substitute for actual clinical outcome. But it’s in no way equivalent, no matter how much the powers in control want it to be. Antibody titers may be high, but in the real world, more people may end up in the hospital and die — either from the infection or from the shot. In short, high antibody titer is not a guarantee of effectiveness — and it tells us absolutely nothing about safety.

CIA-Backed Upstart to Produce Moderna’s Bivalent mRNA

The complete absence of testing moving forward is all the more concerning when you consider who’s manufacturing the RNA for Moderna’s now-bivalent booster. In a recent Unlimited Hangout article,24 investigative journalist Whitney Webb reveals the genetic material for the reformulated booster is being exclusively manufactured by National Resilience, a relative newcomer with significant ties to U.S. intelligence agencies.

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