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We know this isn’t the first or last time we’ll be hearing about lawsuits over access to women’s spaces. Antifa, which is just an idea, came out for weeks on end to defend Wi Spa in Los Angeles after a woman complained about a biological man exposing “herself” in the women-only section of the spa.

Meanwhile, lawsuits are going in the other direction as well, such as the sorority that’s trying to get a biological male booted out of the house. It seems the only solution is for women to counter-sue over being forced to share women-only spaces with men.

This lovely woman is suing a yoga studio for “forcing” her to use the men’s locker room.

Transgender woman forced to use men’s locker room sues NYC yoga studio for $5M https://t.co/eo7vApqK1U pic.twitter.com/OI9N9Ms3Y7

— New York Post (@nypost) May 20, 2023

This is going to be like Masterpiece Cakeshop in Colorado, seeing as there’s only one yoga studio in New York City this person could attend.

The New York Post reports:

A transgender woman is suing a Manhattan yoga studio for $5 million because she was forced to use the men’s locker room.

It’s the third gender-identity discrimination lawsuit Ali Miles, who also goes by the name Dylan Miles, has filed in the city in 13 months — and could be part of a coming tsunami of trans-rights lawsuits targeting small businesses.

Miles claims to be in “the process of transitioning into [a] woman,” wearing women’s clothing and undergoing hormone therapies, according to court papers.

The Arizona native turned up at Hot Yoga Chelsea on West 27th Street on May 4 for a 5 p.m. class, according to Miles’ latest litigation.

Management barred Miles from the women’s locker room and bathrooms — but Miles went anyway, prompting an outcry from other women there, the filing claims.

Wow, it’s the third lawsuit Miles has filed in 13 months — she’s such a stunning and brave pioneer for women’s rights.

He has a track record of suing for discrimination. He should be barred from suing for anything, ever again.

— Meladori (@Meladori3) May 20, 2023

Man. That’s a man. Wearing a wig doesn’t magically transform one into a woman. Why would a news publication call a man a “woman” just because he puts on a wig and says he’s a woman?

— Marina Medvin 🇺🇸 (@MarinaMedvin) May 20, 2023

— 🇯🇲🇺🇲MARINE_1🇺🇲GO BLUE 〽️🏈🏀🔥 (@JohnBlazeWolver) May 20, 2023

That’s a man.

— Jen James (@Jen_James_) May 20, 2023

Women, we should start suing venues that force men into our bathrooms & locker rooms for $5 million.

— Faith (@myizonorion) May 20, 2023

the moment you realize you should become trans as a business opportunity

— #1 Reply Guy (@ReplyGuyNo1) May 20, 2023

So he came in to the womens changing room fully dressed as a male, in only swim trunks, which he proceeded to remove, all while claiming to be female.
These are perverted agitators looking for lawsuits.

— mjhubbard🇺🇸HOLD CHINA ACCOUNTABLE (@mjhubbard1) May 20, 2023

Starting to think another symptom of gender dysphoria is being an attention seeking, selfish ahole.

Nobody else’s comfort matters?

Man sues for not being allowed to creep on women in their locker room. Clown world.

— Mr. Jeremy Turner (@MrJeremyTurner) May 20, 2023

These liberals support trans until they come into their personal space. I don’t blame them for wanting him out, however, he seems like a perv using trans to go into private women’s spaces.

— WhatsNewsHere (@WhatsNewsHere) May 20, 2023

The women should counter sue and say they were forced to look at a penis and felt unsafe. I would feel unsafe! Many women have sexual abuse trauma and they don’t get a say?

— GratitudeAngie (@aavirgen_v) May 20, 2023

I don’t blame the yoga studio . They will lose membership if men are flinging their penis around in the locker room.

— Bonnie (@BonBee81) May 20, 2023

Sounds about right, just sue and everything will be better.

It never occurs to these trans women that biological women might be uncomfortable sharing a locker room with them, so maybe they could change at home out of common courtesy.

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It turns out the trans woman who sparked violent protests outside Wi Spa over trans rights is a registered sex offender https://t.co/8bCsGcwMaP

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