Yoga Dance Flow: ballet inspired workout for flexibility, lean muscles + core strength

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Do you love yoga? Do you love dancing? Welcome to a Yoga Dance Flow: a ballet inspired yoga workout perfect for your creative soul. This yoga workout consists of fluid movements of co-ordination, challenging asanas and moments to stretch. Amazing for exploring your creativity + self-expression! Great for ballet dancers, athletes, artists, creatives + kind spirits.

Dancing to the rhythm of your soul! 💕

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Yoga flows:
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7 Day Pilates Yoga Challenge: At Home Workout 2- Transform Your Upper Body

7 Day Pilates Yoga Challenge: Day 3 Workout- Transform Your Legs (no equipment)

Yoga Flow for Weight loss + Digestion

Yoga philosophy talks:
1st limb of yoga! Let’s learn about the 5 Yamas!

What is Dharma in Yoga Philosophy? How to live a life with meaning + purpose!

Patanjali’s 8 limbs of yoga:

Disclaimer: Always consult a health care professional before adding any exercise or changes to your routine.

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