Yoga, meditation, and other mind body practices help diabetics control blood sugar

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Got Diabetes? YOGA Controls Blood Sugar as Much as Popular Drug

Downward dog… cat-cow… fish…lizard…

While this may appear to be an unusual combination of scaled, finned, and furry creatures

This eclectic menagerie actually share something in common…

They’re all popular poses performed in yoga.

Yoga has really taken off in the past 20 years.

It’s credited for strengthening bones and muscles… reducing joint pain… increasing mobility, improving balance and flexibility… lowering blood pressure… and boosting mood, well-being, and mental focus.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Because a new study has found that yoga can CONTROL blood sugar as well the #1 diabetes drug.  

Take a Breath

If you’ve never done yoga, take everything you THINK you know about this ancient practice…

And toss it out the window.

See, yoga doesn’t require scented candles or incenses… chanting or mantras… or the ability to contort yourself into a pretzel.

Nope. All it requires is simply linking movement to breath.

But the benefits of yoga – along with other mind-body practices, like meditation, deep breathing, and qi gong (a type of slow-moving Chinese martial art similar to tai chi)

Go WELL beyond the effort – especially, if you have diabetes.

Researchers reviewed studies on these mind-body practices used by diabetes patients who did NOT need insulin to control their disease.

First, researchers analyzed these modalities’ effects on hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels, a key marker of diabetes, which measures average blood sugar levels over the past three months.

And here’s what they found:

  • ALL of the mind-body practices reduced A1c levels by 84 percent, on average.
  • Qi qong lowered A1c by 66 percent.
  • Meditation and mindful breathing reduced A1c by 48 percent.

But the biggest plunge in A1c – one percent – came from YOGA.

Not impressed? Well, consider it’s about the SAME reduction typically seen with the widely used diabetes drug metforminminus the dangerous side effects.

Plus, the more yoga, the better the result. Each additional yoga session reduced A1c levels by another 0.22 percent.

Researchers also found these mind-body practices significantly improved fasting blood sugar…

And may ALSO lower insulin resistance.

All of these benefits could help move the needle towards reversal of the disease… and even a return to health!

Friend, if you think these results are amazing… you’re not alone.

According to the lead researcher, “the most surprising finding was the magnitude of the benefit these practices provide. We expected a benefit, but never anticipated it would be this large.”

See You On the Mat

But it appears that they work by reducing stress – along with stress hormones, which affect glucose metabolism.

Friend, if you’d like to give yoga a try, it’s easy to get started. Thanks to yoga’s exploding popularity, you should be able to find a variety of instructor-led group classes at local churches, senior centers, libraries, parks, gyms, and the Y – including many geared especially to seniors and/or beginners.

There are also thousands of yoga classes available online, both free and subscription-based. Check out

And if yoga’s not your thing, try mediation or even sitting quietly and practicing deep, mindful breathing.

Here’s to a LOT less stress – and BETTER diabetes control.

P.S. Looking for another unique way to help control blood sugar? Click here to find out how apple cider vinegar could hold the key.


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