Yoga Practice For Complete Beginners | 23 Minute at home | Full Body Yoga for Strength & Flexibility

A session designed to set you up for success and help you set the tone for your experiences here as we grow through practice and understanding of our relationship to our Self. Set YOUR intention for the journey! Set your sails to – come as you are – for there is no other expectation. Learn how to use your breath to enhance and support your experience on the mat.

You are ready, get set, let’s flow!

Where are you tuning in from today? Share with me in the comment section below!One of the most magical and impactful aspects of this experience is realizing how many people you are practicing with. It’s a connection that spans across the globe!I am so excited to take on this journey with you. Thank you for setting the bar high for yourself. Let’s do this.

Thanks For Trusting Fit On Beat!

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