20 Isometric Exercises Anyone Can Do (With No Equipment)

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In this video I demonstrate 20 different isometric exercises that you can use in various ways. If you want, you can perform all 20 exercises (1 set of each) in a single isometric full body workout, or you can pick and choose which exercises you want to incorporate into a routine of your own design.

The benefit of isometric exercise is that it tends to strengthen your core more than traditional isotonic exercises (when your joints are moving). Isometrics also lend to more stability and tend to strengthen the connective tissues more. Some studies have even concluded that isometric exercises are more effective than isotonic, showing 95.2% muscle activation for isometrics compared to 88.3% muscle activation for the eccentric and 89.7% muscle activation for the concentric movement of exercises.

When performing these exercises, take your time getting into the position and feeling the muscle contraction as I describe. Hold the position for as long as you can, making sure to contract the muscles as hard as you can while keeping good form. Typically I aim for 20-30 second holds, but some exercises such as plank variations I’ve gone for minutes holding.

Enjoy the exercises!


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