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A woman in her 40s left users of TikTok shocked, after revealing that thanks to the peel of one product that we all throw away  – she manages to prevent the signs of aging that come with time.

The 42-year-old revealed to social media surfers how she manages to turn back the clock without injecting Botox, or hyaluronic acid, and without doing facial treatments. In a video that garnered 28,000 likes, she revealed her secret trick.

According to her, bananas are bought in almost every house, and after eating them, instead of throwing the peels in the trash, she chops them into small pieces and applies them on her face. After a few minutes, she washes her face and applies castor oil to the skin.

Banana peels anti-aging magic?

She presented the photos of before – where you can see the visible wrinkles and the signs of aging, and then a photo was taken two months later in which she followed an unusual skincare routine using banana peels.

In the “after” pictures, 42-year-old Kate looked much younger and she claims that this was the only task that helped her achieve glowing skin.

AGING OUT? (Illustrative) (credit: UNSPLASH)

On her TikTok account where she shares videos under the name @365gethappy, she wrote: “All this without any fillers, botox or surgery – not even a facial! No filter but of course, good lighting helps. No doubt.”

Kate stated that she performed this action every night for four months.

Many surfers who admired the change in the appearance of the facial skin, responded to her: “You look amazing. Kudos to you for sharing.” Shani responded: “Amazing. It can save a lot of money. I’ll try and come back to write here about the result.”

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