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Bodybuilding is a sport based around the idea of getting on stage at an ideal muscularity and body fat level based on the division you compete in. Competing on a bodybuilding stage requires time to lose body fat, and continuing to build muscle. How do you lose the body fat while keeping and building muscle? The proper use of nutrition allows the body to lose fat, remain muscular and avoid the pitfalls of being very lean.

For this video series we start with Part 1 and that is the basis of nutrition for contest prep with the focus being Lexie and her nutrition for her prep to the Bikini stage in 2023.

Lexie Maitland is an NPC Bikini competitor who is also a coach for Pro Physique. Lexie also has her own youtube channel.

Bodybuilding and Contest Prep Diet Explained. Nutrition for Contest Prep, nutrition for bikini prep explained and the nutrition plan for bikini prep.

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