Boots shoppers praise ‘just amazing’ anti-aging moisturising cream – Nottinghamshire Live

Boots shoppers have praised an “amazing” moisturising cream that they leaves skin feeling “soft and supple” and removes fine lines. Shiseido’s Essential Energy Hydrating Cream has an average rating of 4.6 from more than 1,400 reviews on the Boots website.

A consumer test involving 103 women found 85% claimed their skin felt “soft and supple” after one week of use, according to Boots. Almost three-quarters (73%) said fine lines were less visible after two weeks while 86% responded that their skin had a “healthy vibrant” look after four weeks.

The Boots product description reads: “This airy, soft moisturizer gives quick and deep penetration to keep charging your skin with glowing hydration. It claims the product: “Activates your skin’s ability to produce deep moisture and to prevent fine lines” – providing “three-times longer lasting hydration”, reported the Echo.

And many shoppers love the cream, with a reviewer named Rachel calling it a “must have”. She wrote: “I used to have normal skin, but lately it has been dry to normal. I was using the gel moisturizer from Shisheido but decided to try this instead and it has helped so much.”

Happy customer Sarah posted: “It made my skin feel super soft, hydrated, and plump. I would totally recommend!” One review read: “Awesome moisturizer, this is hydrating without being too heavy.”

Another shopper agree, writing: “My skin felt smooth and moisturised for the whole day. Loved how it felt and it wasn’t even heavy, you could barely feel the product on your skin.”

Someone else shared: “This cream is just amazing! I have been using it for 5 days and my skin feels so relaxed and hydrated than before!”


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