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The former “Dancing with the Stars” host launched a 21-day challenge for those ready to kick off their fitness goals. The star, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2012, is cancer-free and has dedicated her life to wellness.

At age 51, Brooke Burke is in the best shape of her life – and she wants to help others feel just as good.

The fitness star and TV personality recently launched a 21-day summer challenge, which aims to help people meet their health and wellness goals. The program features 15 workout videos, live Zoom classes, accountability worksheets and “mindful recipes” developed by Chef Giovanna Mosconi, among others.

“I really do believe that it takes three weeks to start a new habit . . . that sticks and becomes a lifestyle,” the former “Dancing with the Stars” host told Fox News Digital. “[It’s about] community connection and improving your personal consciousness. The meditation [component] is helping us on a daily basis get connected, stay motivated and get clear on our wellness goals.”

“I love the program – it’s my favorite one we’ve ever created,” Burke added.

Brooke Burke, left, seen here with her daughter, launched a 21-day summer challenge on Brooke Burke Body. (Brooke Burke Body)

Burke’s dedication to fitness hits close to home. In 2012, the star revealed she had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She was already living with Hashimoto’s disease when her doctor discovered a questionable lump during a routine physical. An ultrasound and biopsies led to the diagnosis. Since her thyroidectomy, Burke has been cancer-free.

Burke also revealed she has vitiligo and deals with inflammatory bowel disease.

Brooke Burke said she has inflammatory bowel disease, Hashimoto’s disease and vitiligo. (Brooke Burke Body)

“I’m really good at keeping up with my regular physicals,” said Burke. “I understand my body, I understand all those signs and symptoms. And I just have to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So all the things that I do for both my mental wellness and physical wellness go hand-in-hand. And I think if people begin to connect those dots and understand the whole system, meaning mind, body and spirit . . . if we’re able to take vanity out of wellness, fitness, and we were really doing it for our mindset, relieving stress, creating energy and improving our immune system, [then] I think we’re really winning.”

Since her thyroidectomy, Brooke Burke has been cancer-free. (Brooke Burke Body)

In 2017, the mom of four developed her fitness app “Brooke Burke Body.” Her goal, she said, was to make exercise more accessible to busy moms struggling to carve out time for themselves.

Burke stressed that even if you tossed aside those New Year’s resolutions long ago, it’s never too late to revamp your lifestyle. A space can be created right at home with a yoga mat, a light set of hand weights, a water bottle and “a great playlist” to kick off a daily workout routine.

Brooke Burke insisted it is never too late to revamp your lifestyle. (Brooke Burke Body)

“There’s so much free content out there,” she said. “You can find something, whether it’s my app or something else. There’s something on YouTube. Content is available right now to make it easy to care for our bodies. . . . It’s about longevity, flexibility . . . all of these things that we need to make a long and happy life.”

Brooke Burke said anyone can create a home gym with a yoga mat, weights, a water bottle and a “really good playlist.” (Brooke Burke Body)

“If you set up a space for your digital gym at home with a yoga mat, a water bottle and light hand weights, you’re going to use it,” she said. “You’re going to walk by it. It’s a good reminder.”

Burke suggested starting small. One can begin by carving out 20 minutes a day to exercise. The time of day doesn’t matter, as long as you get it done. You can work your way up into whatever time frame suits your lifestyle. Live exercise classes, which can be done with Zoom, also help keep one accountable. Burke is a fan of “sweat yoga” for flexibility, as well as cardio that can be done within 20 minutes. She’ll also use items around the house, like a chair or sofa, to replace pricey gym equipment.

Brooke Burke encourages people to make use of all the ingredients that can be found in their fridge. (Brooke Burke Body)

“People don’t always love fitness,” she explained. “People get bored with a program. And let’s face it, not everybody wants to get up and is excited about doing a workout and breaking a sweat. So doing live workouts is a great way to stay motivated. . . . The live workouts I do here in Malibu, for example, have people from all over the globe. We stick around and do a Q&A afterward where we can connect. . . . And I think that holds us accountable when you have a community that’s pushing you, motivating you, holding you accountable. It’s really helpful.”

Brooke Burke created a tree house yoga platform in the backyard of her home in Malibu, California. (Michael Simon)

“My fitness routine has changed so much,” she continued. “I think we’re working out smarter and more efficiently than ever before. . . . I can spend less time working out because I really believe in compound moves. For example, I’m using my core while I’m training my upper and lower body. I’m doing yoga flows while I’m incorporating a little bit of weights. It’s a body-sculpting yoga flow. . . .  We can work the booty simultaneously while working the abs… I’m in my 50s, and I used to spend an hour [at] the gym. Now I can get a really amazing head-to-toe workout done in 30 minutes or less. . . . I’m body sculpting, I’m kicking up my metabolism, I’m breaking a sweat.”

Brooke Burke is a proud mom of four. (Brooke Burke Body)

Burke has also changed her eating habits. Before, she “used to eat five times a day.” Now, she practices a 16:8 intermittent fasting routine. According to Burke, she starts her morning with coffee she brews herself that has “heavy cream.” She also gets her day started by drinking lots of water. She eats “mostly plant-based” and follows a “mostly anti-inflammatory lifestyle.”

“I probably have two cups of coffee in the morning,” she said.


By noon, she has already worked out and starts her eight-hour eating window with a post-workout smoothie featuring a frozen banana, almond milk, dates for sweetness, almond butter, cinnamon and MCT oil for an energy boost. She also likes adding peanut butter collagen protein and maca powder. You can also add cacao nibs and flax seeds.

If she isn’t feeling a smoothie that day, she’ll opt for a “junk salad” that’s “really delicious and crunchy.”

Brooke Burke said anyone can make a “junk salad” with last night’s leftovers. (Brooke Burke Body)

“I probably should retitle that recipe,” she chuckled. “Junk salad is really just taking everything available, everything you have in the fridge, everything leftover from last night’s meal and using it. . . . We’re using grilled salmon [or] last night’s chicken, shredding it up and adding to a salad using veggies that are in the fridge – a variety of colors. . . . Everything from nuts to veggies and protein. [We’re also using] homemade salad dressing.”

After her workout, Brooke Burke likes to whip up a filling smoothie. (Brooke Burke Body)

“I’ll take a prep day,” she shared. “I’ll make quinoa, I’ll make rice, I’ll make farro, I’ll grill my protein, and then I have them . . . compartmentalized in the fridge, so everybody can grab and go.”

Brooke Burke’s crispy salmon meal. (Brooke Burke Body)

Burke insisted she does not get hungry throughout the day. If she’s in the mood for a snack, she’ll opt for Brazilian nuts, almonds or raw macadamia nuts. Burke is also a fan of Magic Mind, a shot made with matcha green tea, agave and mushrooms among other ingredients that she claims gives her an energy boost.

For dinner, which she eats by 8 p.m. to wrap up her day, she’ll go for grilled salmon, roasted vegetables and “another big salad.” Her site notes that Burke also doesn’t mind other fish or a filet mignon but won’t eat much pork or shellfish.

Brooke Burke is a fan of sculpting yoga for flexibility. (Brooke Burke Body)

“I think the word ‘fasting’ is really intimidating for people,” she said. “Intermittent fasting was designed to let your body rest. . . . Really good, healthy fats keep you satisfied. I’m really not hungry, if you can believe it. I do an eight-hour eating window that’s pretty proper. Intermittent fasting . . . means I’m resting [my body and gut] for 16 hours. . . . You’re sleeping most of the time.”

Burke avoids sugary drinks and prefers sipping on green tea.

Brooke Burke recommends preparing sun tea with green tea, fresh mint and lemon slices. (Brooke Burke Body)

“I’ll take three or four green tea bags, and I’ll put it in a big glass jar,” she said. “I’ll put it outside in the sun, and I’ll make delicious sun tea. I’ll put fresh mint in there from my garden. I’ll put lemons in there. And I drink that all day long. If it’s there, you’re going to enjoy it. If you pack your kitchen full of great ingredients, the kids are going to grab that.”

Brooke Burke wants her story to inspire others in need of motivation. (Brooke Burke Body)

Burke hopes her journey will inspire others to be mindful of their bodies and kick off their health goals – no matter the season.

“I really believe you can design a lifestyle by having boundaries, living a mostly disciplined life and giving yourself grace,” she said.

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