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The Islamic Medical Association of Ghana has actually condemned claims by the management of Wesley Girls’ High School (WGHS), the Methodist Church and the school’s Parent-Teacher Association that fasting is damaging to the health of students.In a news release

, the Association described those claims as unfounded, adding that they do not have any firm basis in science and medication.” This misinformation of the general public requirements to stop. Contrary to the viewpoint expressed by the school, its PTA and the Methodist Church, numerous medical research study carried out and released on reliable medical journals such as the New Journal of England medication John Hopkins Journal of Medicine have actually verified that intermittent fasting promotes blood sugar control by means of the decrease of insulin resistance and impacts favorably on type 2 diabetes mellitus and minimize threat of coronary heart disease and hyperlipidemia.””In addition it has been revealed to decrease markers of systemic inflammation and oxidative tension that are related to atherosclerosis. “This follows a mad daddy on Monday, April 26, stormed Wesley Girls’High School in Cape Coast to withdraw his ward from the school, distressed as to why the school does not allow her and other Muslims there to fast.The management of the school, he stated, indicated that fasting, in general, was prohibited in the school, clarifying that the rule used to both Muslims and Christians alike.The school authorities even more discussed to him that their reasons for instituting that guideline was because of health factors, as there were issues

of trainees establishing ulcers since of the activity.But reacting to the reference made to the health of the trainees, IMAGH described that although fasting is obligatory for Muslims there are exemptions made in the Quran which makes allowances for those who are ill or are taking a trip.”Muslims with active peptic ulcer, breast feeding and pregnant ladies, kidney illness, liver illness are motivated by Islamic scholars and health specialists to avoid fasting “, highlighting” that peptic ulcer

disease is not brought on by hunger or fasting,”IMAGH wrote.The Ghana Education Service (GES), following the report, directed the management of WGHS to enable Muslim trainees to partake in the ongoing Ramadan fast.However, the Methodist Church in a press statement declined the GES directive stating the school

‘s rule on fasting is an enduring one. They added that various distinguished Muslim ladies in Ghana have actually gone through the school and stuck to these same guidelines without incident.IMAGH, however, stated that” Ghana is a secular state which promotes inclusiveness”, thus” Public or government helped schools which look for to promote one religion over the other presents a risk to the country and its future”. They added that calls for Muslims to build their own schools has the capacity of deepening religious segregation and divisiveness.”We for that reason call for a more comprehensive stakeholder assessment to discover amicable option to this problem.”Tags: IMAGH Islamic Medical Association Ghana

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