Company Offering $10K for a 30 Day Phone Detox, Apply Now

There are just five days left to enter the digital detox competition set up by Icelandic Yogurt company Siggi’s Dairy, which has pledged to give selected contestants $10,000 to spend an entire month “detoxing” without a smartphone or social media . To be considered for the contest, you will have to write a 100-500 word essay to enter on why you’d like to digitally detox and the positive impact it’ll have on your life – but that’s all that’s needed to apply. If you can throw together a convincing collection of sentences – and you’re truly committed to the detox – it might just be one of the easiest ways to make money right now. So, if you think you can last for the whole month without your phone if $10,000 is put on the line, here’s an outline of the competition and how to enter. Siggi’s Dairy Sets Digital Detox Challenge “We’re introducing a new kind of “Dry January” this year,” Siggi’s explains in a recent blog post. “Instead of abstaining from alcohol for a month, we challenge you to ditch your smartphone.” “That’s why we’re challenging YOU to give up your smartphone for a month as part of the siggi’s digital detox program,” the post continues. Siggi’s says that they will hand-select contestants $10,000.00, a lockbox for their phone, a basic flip phone, a one-month pre-paid sim card, and three months’ worth of Siggi’s yogurt. The company – which manufactures “skyr” based on an old Icelandic recipe – opened the contest on January 17. The application period extends to January 31, after which 10 lucky contestants will be selected to participate before February 15. 🔎 Want to browse the web privately? 🌎 Or appear as if you’re in another country? Get a huge 86% off Surfshark with this special offer. How to Enter Contest and Win $10,0000 To enter the contest, simply head over to Siggi’s site, read the contest information, and then click on the “Enter the contest” button located at the bottom of the contest page. You’ll then be taken through to an online form. Along with your details, you’ll need to write a “compelling essay” between 100-500 words in length explaining why you want to participate in their contest and what you think you’ll get from digitally detoxing for a month. Siggi’s specifies that contestants must explain how the digital detox period will impact them “in a positive way that aligns with the siggi’s brand philosophy.” Points will be awarded for originality, creativity, and how clearly their commitment to spending a month without a smartphone is stated. Should I Digitally Detox Anyway? Having a digital detox – elongated time away from social media sites and other applications, as well as internet-connected devices in general – once in a while is highly recommended, whether you’re going to be paid $10,000 for it or not. While modern, internet-connected technology impacts our lives in a variety of positive ways, as you’re probably already aware, it’s not all plain sailing. The connection between excessive social media usage and a catalog of different mental health issues has been highlighted by numerous studies, and many people exhibit behaviors that suggest they’re addicted to their mobile devices. As they say, everything is good in moderation – and that principle should definitely be applied to smartphones, as well as all the apps on them.

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