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Fatty liver is a buildup of fats in the liver that might cause health complications further. There are small amount of fats that are always present in the liver over the period of years but too much of it is risky. Liver is the second largest organ of the body and it helps to process all the nutrients that we consume through food and drinks. It helps to filter out harmful substances that might cause blood infection. Increase in accumulation of fat in the liver can actually result to liver inflammation because of which you may have liver failure in the upcoming months. It is of two type alcoholic and non-alcoholic fatty liver. Today we will discuss about some remedies that can be taken in order to reduce the fat accumulation in liver and promote healthy living.  

Natural Remedies to treat Fatty Liver  

1. Weight loss for overweight people 

Weight loss plays a critical part in improving Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease progression and symptoms. Association for Study of Liver Disease Guide have mentioned that obese people should at least lose 5 percent of their body weight to reduce the fat buildup in the liver. Losing around 7-10% of body weight can lead to improvement in symptoms associated with this liver problem. Weight loss can also aid in reducing the risk of liver conditions such as inflammation, fibrosis, and scarring

2. Try to take Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet actually helps to reduce liver fat and impact weight loss. This is a diet that helps to associate people with lower cholesterol levels, manages blood pressure levels and controls type-2 diabetes disease. Eating a Mediterranean diet can actually improve symptoms of plant-based foods that are healthy fats. Here are some fruits and vegetables that you can include in your diet- 

3. Drink Coffee 

There was research in 2016 that suggests that coffee has number of benefits that can help to reduce liver problems. Coffee production can stimulate liver enzymes and can help in fighting with inflammation. Regular consumption of coffee can reduce the overall liver damage that occurs in the body. Two cups of daily coffee can be beneficial to treat and reduce fat accumulation in the fatty liver. However, consume coffee in a limited amount so that it does not harm your health in any way. 

4. Do Physical Activities 

One of the best ways to reduce the risk of fatty liver and cut down the fat from the liver is to leave sedentary lifestyle. Inactivity can contribute towards heart diseases, type-2 diabetes and obesity that can cause health complications. Doing some light activities on a daily basis and making your life more physically active can help you break down this fatty liver and help your recover from this condition in an easy manner. 

5. Avoid Foods with Added Sugar 

Foods that contain fructose or added sugar can worsen the situation of fatty liver. Fructose and sucrose have been linked to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. These two dietary sugars actually contribute to fat buildup and cause liver inflammation over the time. Foods that are bakes or have additional sweeteners, etc have this sugary content that increases fatty liver disease. Here is a list of food that you should avoid due to its high sugary content- 

6. Target High Cholesterol Levels 

Foods that increase your cholesterol levels can increase the risk for heart diseases. People with non-alcoholic fatty liver need to manage your cholesterol levels to reduce their health getting to worse stage. Try to avoid and limit the intake of fats that can increase your cholesterol in the body.  

Saturated fats that are present in high quantity in red meat should be avoided and full fat dairy products should also be limited. 

Trans fat- one of the worse fats to get into your body. It is found in baked good, crackers and fried foods.

Taking the right diet having balanced nutrients with no added risk can help to treat your fatty liver disease and promote health. It might take a few weeks or months to reduce fat accumulation in the liver but it is a healthy and natural way to achieve so.

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