How To Eat To Gain Muscle (THE 3 MOST IMPORTANT RULES!)

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How To Eat To Gain Muscle (THE 3 MOST IMPORTANT RULES!)

Tired of all the confusing, conflicting advice you find on YouTube when it comes to the question of how to eat to gain muscle? In today’s muscle building nutrition video I cut through all the B.S and boil things down to the 3 simple steps that truly matter in the real world.

These 3 muscle gain nutrition steps are nothing exciting or groundbreaking but will be responsible for the vast majority of your results on the dietary side of things…

How To Eat To Gain Muscle In 3 Quick Steps:

The first muscle building nutrition step is to consume enough protein each day to support muscle recovery and growth. Since it’s technically possible to gain muscle in both a calorie surplus or deficit, protein is the primary factor.

Fortunately, eating enough protein as part of your muscle building diet is quite easy. All you need is around 0.8 grams per pound of body weight daily. You can eat more if you prefer, but this amount will be enough for maximum muscle growth. To optimize protein synthesis, ideally spread this out into 2, and preferably 3+ individual protein feedings as part of your muscle building meal plan.

The second muscle building nutrition step is to eat in a small calorie surplus. While it’s possible to gain muscle in a calorie deficit (particularly if you’re a bodybuilding beginner, are over weight, or are returning from a training layoff), a calorie surplus will be ideal if you want to build muscle at the most efficient rate.

200-300 calories above your calorie maintenance level is all that’s required to gain muscle optimally. Any more than this and the extra calories will just be stored as fat.

The third bodybuilding nutrition step is to base the bulk of your muscle building diet around minimally processed, nutrient dense whole foods. This will provide you with the micronutrients and fiber needed for optimal health, performance and recovery.

You don’t need to be perfect with your muscle gain nutrition or “eat clean” 24/7, and a breakdown of about 80-90% “clean” food and 10-20% “treat” food will strike a good balance between meeting your nutritional needs and allowing for some dietary flexibility as well.

When it comes to the question of how to eat to gain muscle, there are many smaller details we can obsess over, but if you simply follow these 3 bodybuilding nutrition steps, you’ll have taken care of 95%+ of what you need on the nutritional side of things.

You can certainly experiment further and tweak your muscle building meal plan to find what works ideally for you as an individual, but no matter how you slice, these 3 things are by far the most important factors.

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